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as quad link will become stepping-stones. 4k over IP is like the M6 toll road; it might cost a bit more but you’ll get to your destination quicker. There’s also been lots of discussion about the other technologies surrounding 4k that haven’t quite settled down such as HDR, higher frame rates and a larger colour space. The new ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020, more commonly known as Rec. 2020, and HDR are actually likely to be what ‘sells’ 4k to the mass market. A larger resolution is one thing but technologies like HDR and Rec. 2020 change the viewing experience – it’s more immersive and real. Rec. 709, the current HD standard was developed in 1993! So after such a long time with one standard, something that’s such a significant TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 61 improvement is bound to be well received. HDR will surely have the edge in convincing consumers to buy that new 4k TV; it’s a catchy saleable buzzword that feels like it should be spoken by the raspy voice of ‘Voice-Over Man’. For the broadcast facility providers and operators, there’s a whole new language to learn. Workflows and roles are changing. From a live production point of view though, it’s an exciting time as we can realistically produce 4k productions now. The requirement for multi-camera 4k productions is increasing. Not only is there the obvious sport coverage that we mentioned earlier but also live music and events ripe for 4k acquisition. With decreased costs and increased availability, it’s now possible for smaller companies like ourselves to do multi–cam 4k at a reasonable cost. Our 4k multi-camera facilities include a full flyaway gallery with various options for cameras. We can use the new Sony HDC-4300 4k system cameras or for that cinematic look, Sony PMW-F55s with 4k fibre camera adaptor systems, which along with transmitting the video signal over long distances of fibre also offers all the traditional multi-camera facilities: talkback, tally, return video, camera engineering control (racking) etc. So 4k’s here. 4k cameras, 4k mixers, monitors, routers and VT devices – they’re all out there, just dying to be used. And if you can get over – or around – the potential format mismatch issues, 4k live production is a reality. It’s only taken about 13 years… 11/03/2016 17:17