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our children come up with next. In short, while the cloud is the enabler, the key to sustainable growth is to use the cloud to virtualise processes and workflows. For example, if you want to launch a network of, say, 5000 hyper-localised TV stations today, that’s technically possible, and you don’t need 5000 playout servers to do it. Using the right software running on a web service you can spin those channels up whenever you want, and when you’re done, you spin them right back down again. It’s that simple. And, with virtualisation, the physical location from where those channels are spun up and maintained is irrelevant. You can do it from your living room if you want. Whether a playout service is running on a virtual server housed in Chicago, Dublin, or Sydney, it makes no difference over an IP network. With ping times typically under 2ms, which is less than a frame delay, it’s invisible. At the end of 2015, one of our long-term customers, Turkish broadcaster Do�an TV, the largest broadcasting group in the country, became the only national broadcaster in the world whose broadcasting and production workflows are now fully IP operated. They have no dependency on any proprietary hardware or format; the freedom to use any standard IT equipment they choose; and have a flexible and scalable system based on (ahem) our services running in virtual environments. Apart from a few legacy bits of technology, they are now tapeless. with no obligation. If they like it (and we believe they will) they can simply subscribe to the Cinegy services they require and, in effect, adopt software-defined television to move and monetise their content at a fraction of the outlay they would expect given more traditional methods. But in any case, to take advantage of IP and the cloud properly, the mind-set of traditional approaches to broadcasting has to change almost completely. Reinvention doesn’t come from clinging to legacy hardware and workflows, it comes from embracing change. You can’t be agile while clinging to black boxes. You can, however, be light as a feather in a data centre. And besides, “virtualization” is worth 26 points in Scrabble, if you use a “z”. Kit Plus 91x133.qxp_Layout 1 06/05/2015 10:12 Page 4 Be proud of your sound Wireless Microphones Wireless IEM RF over Fibre In January 2016, Belgian broadcaster VRT in conjunction with the European Broadcasting Union and a number of vendor partners completed what they say was the world’s first full-IP remote live broadcast production, and by all accounts it was a great success. The BBC recently announced the start of its own initiative to move to an IP-based broadcast network that will deliver extra services and capacity more easily and at a far lower cost than its current system. So, no matter what your views on the cloud, and I have many, the evidence clearly points toward an IT- and IP-based virtual television world, folks. Get used to it. We’re making plans of our own to port our software products and their capabilities into services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). By making them available there, prospective users can test drive them in an HD or 4k cloud TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 59 Wireless microphones and IEM with the widest tuning range in the industry wireless sound solutions visit: email: call: 01789 777040 11/03/2016 17:17