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MPEG-4 compatible. When using MPEG- 4, a station can improve its HD video quality. Another benefit of MPEG-4 is that the station can reliably split their assigned channel into two separate frequencies/ signals, essentially creating two channels out of one. monthly costs to consider as well. However, if they choose a COFDM system, there are no recurring monthly costs. Ease of equipment use and rapid set up matter more and more as the engineering resources at a typical station are often dwindling in today’s world. How the equipment will fit into existing station infrastructure is also an obvious starting point. 6. What are the tell-signs that a station should look to upgrade their OB vehicle? You might want to look at upgrading if you’ve not yet started sending in HD from the field, or if the HD system used is not 7. Where do you see the future of OB technology heading, and have you seen any interesting applications of your technology lately? Today, even small crews are often expected to do everything Primary news events will continue to rely on multiple technologies to backhaul the news: satellite, terrestrial, and bonded cellular will coexist. This means no more cables tethering the camera to the backhaul infrastructure. We’ve recently seen several users relying on small, lightweight COFDM- based wireless camera transmitters to reliably cover the story and get it back to the ENG truck. Then, they use bonded cellular to send that content from the truck back to the station. MediaLinks_NAB2016_KitPlus_hpg_185x133.pdf 1 25/02/2016 13:53:42 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 111 MARCH 2016 | 47 TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 47 11/03/2016 17:17