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advantages of LED far outweigh any lingering cost issues. At BVE I saw a couple of very interesting innovations. StatMux Plus technology as the TVUPack. This means you can rely it on it not to fall over, which is rather crucial. Sumolight’s Sumospace is a hexagon-shaped bi-colour fixture with a 6k output and the reduced power consumption of an LED that renders really strong, vibrant colour. Designed for studios, it is light and collapsible and folds away into a tiny bag. This is not your standard studio light I can assure you. At the same time the Mole-Richardson Company has its 900W SeniorLED Fresnel and the 100W Vari-MoleLED. The former has a 5K equivalent output in a single source LED while the variable colour Vari- Mole is a full colour spectrum LED in a portable, all-in-one kit-style fixture. Again, it is designed for ease-of-use. Science fiction becomes science fact A video transmitter you can rely on On the WTS Broadcast stand, the Californian firm TVU Networks was showing its TVU One, a live, mobile IP newsgathering HD video transmitter. It’s a bit like the full-size TVUPack backpack transmitter but is much smaller and lighter. I didn’t test it but, according to the TVU guys, it uses the same proprietary Inverse Finally, here’s something that is going to sound a bit Star Trek. The UK start-up Kino Mo was showing 3D holographic displays at BVE that you can generate by simply transferring images or video from a computer via USB or wirelessly. I would imagine that they would be used for in-store advertising and such like but there could be other applications too. They caused a proper kerfuffle at the show, that’s for sure. It’s not often you see Harry Potter actress Emma Watson floating in mid-air right in front of you. And before you accuse me of visiting that stand AFTER I’d been to the bar, I can assure you that I hadn’t touched a drop before I saw those holograms. It was all real. It’s a good thing I did branch out this year and look at the stands. It would have been a real shame to miss any of this stuff. Now, where did I put that drink? KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 111 MARCH 2016 | 45 TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 45 11/03/2016 17:17