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COMMENT AUDIO A Personal STREAMING Perspective Larry Jordan My wife is addicted to audio podcasts; they are constantly playing throughout the house. In this day of YouTube and Vimeo it is easy to overlook the immense popularity, and ubiquity of audio podcasts. If you are thinking about creating your own streaming video podcast or channel, a great place to start is with a live audio podcast because, as you’ll discover, the challenges are not in the technology but in the workflow. It is far easier to create an audio show than video. If you plan to expand into video, you can still stream the audio portion of the show. (I do this with my program today.) since 2000. The “Digital Production Buzz” ( podcast is the world’s second oldest audio program. Only Adam Curry’s “All Things Digital” is older. We’ve originated a new, live, 60-minute news and information program every week for 16 years. Pretty amazing, as I look back on it. Based on this experience, I want to share what you should consider when starting your own show. This divides into the following categories: • • • • • • Why What Who When Where How WHY? Why are you creating this podcast? First, you won’t make money at it. Audio podcasts are supported by other activities. Even if you think there’s a commercial market in your subject, the chances of making money directly from your podcast are vanishingly small. Podcast: A program delivered via the Internet which can be either audio or video. Most podcasts are recorded and played back on demand. This is the ideal format for programs which contain “ever-green” information. Still, if you are lucky, talented, lucky, and have a subject that catches the public zeitgeist, you might make money. But, for now, assume this is a labor of love; which means “free.” KEY POINT: A podcast needs to have a solid and easily explained reason for existing. Otherwise, your audience won’t get the point and you’ll discover its too much work. Streamed podcast: A live program, or a program giving the perception of being live, delivered over the Internet where the entire audience is listening/watching in real- time. Streaming is the best option when the information being conveyed is extremely timely - think sports, live concerts or news. WHAT? I’ve been the executive producer and host of an live weekly streamed audio podcast KEY POINT: Successful podcasts focus on a single subject in detail. The most successful podcasts are tightly focused on a narrow subject. The more that subject can be defined and clarified, the more successful you are likely to be. Podcasts are not successful when attempting to reach the broad audience. 38 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 111 MARCH 2016 TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 38 11/03/2016 17:17