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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER Service monitoring South Africa’s has upgraded its Volicon Observer digital video monitoring and logging system to accommodate compliance recording for simulcast channels. The addition will also support reconciliation of visual as-runs and in-house air-fault investigation. Aadil Jaffer, senior engineer at, said: “We knew that implementation of the system would be easy, and our staff members already were comfortable using the interface to browse and monitor any channel on the internal IT network and to create clips for mail distribution as needed.” The privately owned free-to-air television station undertook the upgrade in conjunction with a move to a new facility. The broadcaster now has two eight-channel Volicon systems that capture two SD channels and six HD channels, providing four spares and another four for further expansion. Live video transmission The public broadcasters of Iceland, The Faroe Islands and Greenland are using equipment from LiveU to deliver live content to viewers, it has been announced. RUV, based in Reykavik, Iceland, and distributed by DTT, IPTV and over the internet, is using LiveU’s LU500 while KFV from the Faroes is using the LU500, LU400 and LU-Smart, as well as LiveU Central. Greenland’s KNR, based in the capital Nuuk, is using small form factor LU200 technology to allow it to operate live from anywhere in the city. Ronen Artman, vice president of marketing at LiveU, said: “The stability, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness of our technology is fundamental to our success and were very glad to see that being recognised. High quality live content shouldn’t just be the preserve of major broadcasters or news organisations.” Content delivery Amagi will use NAB to proffer Cumulus, an entire broadcast workflow on the cloud, and provide a first look at Thunderstorm, a platform for server-side ad-stitching on live OTT feeds. Cumulus allows broadcasters to prepare, manage, playout, deliver, and monetise their content, all through a common platform. It works with cable, satellite, IPTV, and OTT on-demand platforms and is built around Amazon Web Services. Thunderstorm is a new platform that dynamically inserts ads on the server side. It is designed to simplify the delivery of personalised and targeted ads on premium live and linear OTT feeds. In addition, Cloudport 3.0, for multichannel playout of both live and nonlinear feeds, will be shown for the first time in North America. Media monitoring At NAB (Booth N1011) Qligent will introduce several new features for its Vision cloud-based monitoring platform that are designed to simplify system scalability. Among the new features is Qligent’s Virtual Probes, which can analyse IP-based streams from anywhere in the field and present that data on a central Vision dashboard in the cloud. Also included is Multi-Layer Stream monitoring. With this feature each probe platform is set-up to handle the needs of an individual broadcaster instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. An IT Integration feature, that ensures any customer can adhere to in-house IT policies for security and access, with protocol support such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), is also included. 32 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 111 MARCH 2016 TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 32 11/03/2016 17:17