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Playout Fibre transport At NAB Joseph Electronics will introduce the JFS Waveshifter-4 series, a group of products that can transport up to four HD camera systems on just one single- mode fibre. The Waveshifter-4 uses optical wavelength-shifting technology to map two fibres in standard HD cameras to wavelengths in the CDWM spectrum so that they can then be introduced into a CWDM mux. It features a metal chassis, built-in wide-range AC power input, and external backup DC power as well as a 1310 nm fibre bypass channel for additional fibre signals or as a backup path. By working with four Bluebell Opticom ShaxX Lite power-insertion units, the Waveshifter-4 can become a complete system for directly powering four cameras at a remote location over a single fibre. NAB will also mark the debut of the Joseph Electronics JFS DFT-TOTE V32, a device for transporting up to 32 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals on as few as two fibres. Globecast is exhibiting in the Connected Media arena at NAB where it will be highlighting its playout and media management services. On offer will be its Media Factory, which “delivers on the promise to take content from anywhere in the world, process it in any way required, and then deliver it anywhere to any device.” The company will also showcase localisation and monetisation of content, VOD logistics and the new distribution platform that it launched on the AMC-11 satellite. The latter is said to allow clients to “benefit from the most powerful orbital position in the Americas for distribution to cable headends.” KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 111 MARCH 2016 | 31 TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 31 11/03/2016 17:17