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REVIEWS PERFECT HORIZON CAMERA STABILIZER The “Perfect Horizon” is an innovative camera stabilizer for land and sea, and regardless of bumpy rides or rough waves, this stabilizing device keeps your horizon perfectly stable. Brian Uranovsky 58 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 110 FEBRUARY 2016 The Perfect Horizon (PH) won an ACADEMY AWARD as well as an EMMY for Engineering and Scientific Achievement. It has also featured in science magazines like ‘Popular Science’. The Perfect Horizon can be mounted on a great variety of boats and has proved its salt for some spectacular filming sequences, including the opening sequence for the Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012. In 2012 BBC Features crew were delighted with the stable results for Sport Relief on the rough English Channel and the BBC Natural History Unit were able to hold their shots for extraordinary lengths whilst filming sharks in Hawaii, and fin whales in the North Atlantic off Ireland, thanks to the stability achieved. In 2011 it was used for Discovery’s Air Jaws 4 in combination with the Phantom HD Gold. The producers say they have ‘world first’ footage as a result of the stability they were able to maintain, even in rough winter seas.