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Lighting Filming in various lighting conditions can be a nuisance however the iPad can work well as a lighting source. It’s apparent the iPad has a large screen which can display fantastic light in smaller shots. An app that you can download is ‘Photo Soft Box Pro HD’ which enables you to use your iPad as light shaping device. The app also allows you to control the iPad with your iOS device. Also a word of advice, it’s most effective if you have the iPad mounted on a tripod or alternatively have an assistant hold it in place. Camera Remote Control Using the iPad there are numerous cam- eras that can be remotely controlled. This allows you to have the control settings such as focus, zoom, ISO etc and also monitor playback footage remotely. Check your camera has the function to use Wi- Fi dongles/adapters as some cameras may require this. You can also use USB adapters, Timecode Generator Many feel they don’t need a timecode for the amount they can be priced at. However the iPad can act as one with the correct cable and correct application. An app such as JumpStart LTC which allows you to set the frame rate easy and start the timecode at the beginning of each clip. Do remember that the device that you have connected the timecode to needs to have its own clock, as an iPad is not reliable enough to act as one. Using it as an external monitor As the iPad has a higher-resolution display than most computer monitors, you may find yourself wishing it had a video input of so you can use it as an external monitor. ‘Air Display’ app is one that you can install to use your iPad as an external monitor. You can also install on your computer (PC or Mac) which will then enable you to stream the video via Wi-Fi. Air Display can be used via Wi-Fi and USB. Remember the output will not be as high quality as when connected via USB, and sometimes the framerate will drop. It’s handy to use the iPad for video monitoring however it is better to use for viewing things that aren’t as sensitive to frame rate changes. Plus it will free up more space on your laptop for high quality video playback. Another source of control surface What makes the iPad fantastic is that depending on which software you are working on you can use the multi-touch display which gives a great alternative to a physical control surface. By being able to change the button layouts quickly it’s great if you need to switch between editing programs. If your editing program accepts MIDI controls then you can choose a variety of different applications. Com- monly used MIDI control based programs that work with the iPad are ‘AC-7 Core’, ‘V-Control Pro’ and ‘Touch OSC’. Filming & Editing You can also film in HD with your iPad, apps like Manual Camera, iMovie and FiLMiC Pro are designed to help make your HD iPad camera even more power- ful, giving filmmakers more control over shutter speed and focus distance. Editing on your iPad never got easier, with iMovie being a top choice for most. Recording and editing sound is also accessible with audio apps such as GarageBand which even allows you to use external USB microphones. Battery And last but certainly not least; the iPad has one of the strongest battery lives go- ing, with the new iPad Pro boasting of a full 10 hours of use time. Needless to say that when your creative juices are flowing the last thing you want to be doing is running around the room looking for somewhere to plug in! Let us know how you find working with your iPad on your next filmmaking project! Tweet us at @editorskeys KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 110 FEBRUARY 2016 | 45