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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER In-stadia replays Selected rugby fans attending matches at the Stade du Hameau in Pau, France, are being given the chance to access interactive and immersive video services provided by the Vogo Sport mobile sports replay app. Throughout the current season, the Section Paloise Bearn Pyrenees rugby club and its sponsoring partner Total will offer Vogo Sport to spectators in the VIP section, allowing them to use their smartphones to watch events from several different video camera views live and to view slow-motion replays. The app works with iOS and Andriod. Christophe Carniel, Vogo co-founder, said: “Rugby is an exciting sport and this app makes it ever more exciting for fans by helping them capture and replay all of the great moments in a match.” Video contribution The Swedish TV network TV4 used Aviwest’s digital mobile news gathering technology to deliver live streamed feeds of its reality show Spring!, produced by Elk Production together with HD Resources. Using the DMNG PRO180-RA video uplink system, and backpack, plus DMNG StreamHub receivers, TV4 streamed high quality live HD with minimal delay, the company said. Johan Sandklef, director at Elk, added: “By enabling us to deliver a dependable and high- quality stream in real time, the DMNG PRO system completed the programme format, allowing even more live content. In particular, we find the backpack feature especially useful for carrying the transmission gear in the field.” The DMNG PRO180-RA uses intelligent bonding technology to transmit across 3G/4G wireless mobile networks. The DMNG StreamHub receiver is a Linux-based server that supports multiple output formats, allowing for point-to-point and point-to- multipoint video distribution. 28 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 109 JANUARY 2016