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Dynamic advertising Yospace has provided UTV Television with dynamic advertising replacement technology for the live stream content on its UTV Player and apps throughout Ireland. The software splices targeted commercial spots into a stream with seamless transitions between the main content and the commercials. This is achieved by working on the server side where ads are timed through a direct interface to the broadcast playout automation system. “Like all broadcasters, our online services are increasingly popular with our viewers, and are a valuable opportunity for our advertisers,” said Morgane Campioni, director of online channels at UTV. Yospace installed everything required including its ESAM (Event Signalling And Management) server that provides the link between UTV’s playout automation system and the Yospace DAI platform. CDN technology A fibre operator based on the French island of Reunion has deployed Broadpeak technology to improve video delivery. Zeop is using a combination of Broadpeak’s BkS400 cache servers and its BkM100 CDN manager to distribute VOD content via a content provider located in France, while providing a quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) to end users. Zeop chief technology officer Martin Vigneau said: “Broadpeak’s video caching technology dramatically reduces our transit and contribution link costs, allowing us to deliver a wider range of popular video content at a fraction of the cost of traditional CDN methods, while providing a better quality of experience and service.” Popular video content is pre-provisioned in a local cache server that is located in the operator’s network in Reunion. When an end user requests video content it is directly streamed by the BkS400 local server without the need to reach the content provider’s origin server. Transport FOR-A has become a member of the ASPEN Community, the coalition of manufacturers and end-users that are adopting the ASPEN open transport format for building IP-based production facilities. ASPEN (Adaptive Sample Picture ENcapsulation) is a framework for encapsulating uncompressed Ultra HD/3G/HD/SD over MPEG-2 transport streams. First released at NAB 2015, it has been designed to meet the real world requirements of an IP-centric facility while using MPEG2-TS standards. It offers ultra low latency with independent video, audio and ancillary data flows. When combined with existing SMPTE standards, ASPEN is said to provide broadcasters with a flexible method of transporting video, audio, and data over scalable IP networks. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 109 JANUARY 2016 | 27