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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR Coders of tomorrow The after school Code Club at St Martin’s primary school recently received a class bundle of CodeBugs, small badge- like computers donated by Thatcham based PHABRIX, one of the world’s leading test and measurement companies for the broadcast industry. The CodeBug has a simple LED display and two buttons allowing it to display scrolling messages or play simple games on its 5 by 5 pixel display. It is self contained with its own small battery. The CodeBug is small enough to be sewn onto clothing and expand it by connecting LEDs to the four legs of the bug. Computing is playing an increasing part in the schools curriculum and the Code Club at St Martin’s has been running for 2 years. The children started off this term learning the Scratch programming language. Code is created by dragging blocks around a page on the CodeBug website and then the finished program is downloaded from the computer into the CodeBug which is inserted like a memory stick. Simon Carter the volunteer who runs the club commented: “I’ve found that the kids get more involved if they have something tangible to hold and show off to family and friends rather than just moving numbers around on a computer screen”. At the end of term, all 16 children in the club will be able to take the CodeBug home. Media services TVT has launched a new media management platform. ContentSelect is an orchestration toolset that delivers transmission-ready content for linear TV and video on demand (VOD). The cloud-based software platform manages media operations, streamlines workflows and ensures content is edited, packaged and delivered on time, to the correct specifications and in the highest quality possible. Modules include programme sales, channel and VOD preparation, including: quality control; compliance viewing and editing; coordination with language vendors; metadata creation and association; promo production; stills capture; transcodes; and deliveries. ContentSelect is currently being used to manage UKTV’s media operations for its 11 channels. 22 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 109 JANUARY 2016