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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Kit hire Presteigne Broadcast Hire has updated the SC100, an all-in-one camera system for sport and live events, so that it can use either Cobham or Vislink transmitters for its primary transmission path, all within the same form factor. Presteigne Broadcast Hire chief executive Mike Ransome said: “The video return system of the latest version of the SC100 has the option of operating in a licensable portion of the 2GHz band, which can be rented by the user to avoid potential clashes when using shared, non-protected bands. This ensures freedom from the interference that is so often prevalent at live events.” Ultra slow motion The annual Sportel Awards Ceremony took place recently in Monaco to announce winners of the Georges Bertellotti Golden Podium Competition and Renaud de Laborderie Sports Book Competition. The Georges Bertellotti Award rewards the world’s most beautiful sports images. International Sports Broadcasting was awarded the Golden Podium Award for ‘Innovative Use of Mini HSSM (High Speed Slow Motion) Cameras’. This coverage of the first European Games in Baku was produced by Ursula Romero and the different sports were directed by Felix Marggraff, Koen Van Mourik and Ursula Romero. Marggraff also with his production company LiveMotionConcept supplied all Ultramotion cameras for this premier event in Azerbaijan. “It was both a challenge and great opportunity to integrate our specialised Miniature HSSMS into ISB world feed production”stated Marggraff. “The Antelope PICOs mounted to Polecams created completely new angles and shot wonderful live and replay shots at different venues. I am glad that ISB endorsed our vision to use this technology broadly throughout the whole event.” The Antelope PICO V2 is the latest version of the awarded POV UltraSlowMotion system developed by Antelope Camera Systems and can now be bought and demonstrated at Lenses Cooke Optics has appointed Carey Duffy to the role of European sales director, taking over from director of sales Thomas Greiser who will take on more responsibility for North and South America as well as covering South Africa, Australia and New Zealand Duffy joins Cooke from Tiffen International where he held the position of MPTV Filter Group Consultant. The 10 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 109 JANUARY 2016 company has also revealed that its 65mm Macro and 135mm Anamorphic/i lenses began shipping in November and that the 180mm and 300mm will follow in January. The first of two zoom lenses, the wide 35-140mm, will begin delivery by NAB 2016 with a longer zoom scheduled for the end of 2016.