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thanks to the recent introduction of NASA TV UHD, the first consumer UHD channel in North America launched by Harmonic and NASA. Not only does NASA TV UHD provide the industry with a blueprint for producing and delivering 2160p60 resolution video, it also addresses the industry’s bandwidth concerns. Relying on an end-to-end HD and UHD video delivery system from Harmonic, the channel is able to be delivered at 13.5 Mbps compared with many of the UHD commercial channels in the industry, which have required between 25 and 35 Mbps. The key is superior encoding technology developed by Harmonic to use the power of HEVC compression algorithm. Technology Advancements for UHD The UHD standard has only existed a short time, but it’s already evolving. While Phase 1 of the UHD standard improves upon the resolution of HD, offering about four times more pixels compared with 1080p60, Phase 2 (currently in development) will provide enhancements such as HDR, HFR and NGA. HDR, in particular, improves the luminosity of digital video, enabling viewers to experience a broader range of color and brightness. Making these new features a part of the format will elevate the UHD viewing experience to a whole new level. 2016 and Beyond Going into the year 2016 and beyond, UHD television sales are expected to skyrocket. With HDR TVs likely to be hitting the market soon, IHS forecasts that unit shipments of HDR TVs globally will grow from 2.9 million in 2016 to 32.6 million in 2019. After industry groups like the Ultra HD Forum define the necessary guidelines for UHD enhancements like HDR , HFR and NGA, it’s looking like a lot more UHD content will be available. To ensure they’re a part of this amazing journey in television history, video content and service providers must start making the transition to an IP-based infrastructure and deploy an end-to-end UHD delivery system with advanced technologies like HEVC. ECHO 15+ THE COMPLETE THUNDERBOLT 2 DOCK l l Optical Drive Internal Drive Bay l l Thunderbolt 2 USB 3.0/FireWire l l eSATA/Gig-Ethernet Audio In/Out HOLD N KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 108 DECEMBER 2015 | 59