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The broadcast community is also starting to use the cloud as a reliable solution for disaster recovery. They can now address feed disruption for any duration in a localized manner. For those who are leveraging satellite or fiber for their primary channel feed, running the secondary and tertiary feeds on the cloud as parallel feeds can dramatically reduce capital expenditures. For disaster recovery, the cloud offers reliability, manageability, and security without compromising on broadcast quality. Future Outlook for Cloud-Based Delivery The concept of television is evolving rapidly, as the demand for personalization and targeted content continues to grow, both from a consumption and advertising perspective. The cloud provides broadcasters with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way to deliver hyperlocal content and gain insight into a user’s viewing habits, driving monetization. As far as the rate of adoption for cloud-based architecture, small and large TV networks acknowledge that the cloud is the future. With an eye to lowering CAPEX and OPEX to manage their current feeds and to support expansion plans, network executives are banking heavily on cloud and next generation playout platforms. Many TV networks have already initiated the transition to cloud-based broadcast to benefit from hyperlocalization advantages. The smaller TV networks are also aggressively adopting cloud technologies to save on capital investment, build efficiencies, and capture audience and advertising share in a competitive marketplace. In the future, as the television market continues to focus on multiscreen distribution and personalization of content, the majority of broadcasters will transition to a cloud-based architecture for storage, content delivery, and disaster recovery. Need Help? Call us: +44(0)1932 240 204 | .tv Ingest & Transmission | Graphics & Effects | Editing | DVE & Character Gen | Film and DI | Router / Switcher | Wireless Link | Robotics | MultiViewer Signal Generators | VTR | Web Streaming | Test & Measure | Camera Equipment | Audio Equipment | Signal Processors | Vision Mixers | Monitors Ingest & Transmission Graphics & Effects Editing DVE & Character Gen Film & DI Router / Switcher Robotics Multiviewer Signal Generators VTRs Web Streaming Test & Measurement Camera Equipment Audio Equipment Signal Processing Vision Mixers Monitors Wireless Link KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 108 DECEMBER 2015 | 51