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So now seems like a good time to introduce myself - I’m Aislinn Fadian and I manage the Social Networking for the CCI TV Channel. It’s my job to publicise this channel via social media, making sure we are hitting weekly audience targets, increasing viewers and generally gaining exposure across the social media board. Social networking isn’t just about hitting those targets for this channel, it’s also about engaging viewers, and keeping them hooked. I have learned that it’s not only text that’s important on Social Media. Photos and videos send a great message catching the public’s eye. So using many techniques, I can present a different side to the channel. As an experiment I decided to capture ‘behind the scenes’ photos and post across the platforms - it gave our followers an insight which was normally reserved for those producing the shows, and I think it’s worked well so-far. And this is why I love my job, because the course I am on allows me to experiment and really explore what the actual job feels like to do, being able to experiment with all kinds of concepts within the channel using the power of social media. Without the use of many platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, we would be limited in how we publicise our TV programmes. and the content and much of our work would subsequently go unnoticed. But it is also important for audience interaction, enabling our viewers to be involved and participate in live debates, game shows and many more. Our most interactive moment so-far this year has been the use of the University’s bespoke interactive system entitled - allthevotes. We were able to use this platform to host an interactive quiz, and students were able to give their answers via their mobile phones. It was brilliant!! On a good week our social media ‘ripple’ can engage as many as 3000 to 4000 people! There have been a few times that what we have done has gone viral creating an engaged audience of up to 32,000! I’ve not hit those heights yet, but I will in good time. Upon graduating next year I’ll be able to put my knowledge to good use within the industry, but for now as my manager role still develops, I hope to come up with plenty of ideas for the channel which I hope will make a massive impact. So go ‘like’ our page to be kept up-to-date ...take me with you KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 108 DECEMBER 2015 | 41