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12Gbps at InterBEE – 4k/8K and the influence of the 2020 Olympics Paul Nicholls, Phabrix Technology trends are changing, we will all be affected by the roll out of UHDTV and IP technologies in our industry, but one thing that was evident from InterBEE last month was that Japan was very firmly concentrating its efforts on UHDTV with 12 Gbps SDI connection. Having had a chance to walk through the 6 halls, the other technology on display was HDR. So why the fixation on 12 Gbps in Japan? A lot of it is clearly created by the local demand for 4k and 8K in support for the Japanese commitment to transmit the 2020 Olympics in 8K. The acquisition part of our industry has early adopters using 4 x 4 Gbps for cameras at 4k in the same way it adopted 3G level B for 2K. But who wants four cables, four timing nightmares as part of ingest? So let’s not even begin to talk multiple cables for 8K. It’s inevitable that 12 Gbps connections will be mainstream – and soon. A single cable be it SDI or optical has got to be the way forward in connecting high bitstream devices. Now there are concerns about cable length support however there are cable types available now that can support 4k up to 100 metres. And while the technology behind SDI has been around for many decades and is known and trusted, IP infrastructures are still looking for a capable video mixer. Now I’m not saying things will not change. Certainly the economics in time will favour IP and soon we will settle on a standard for transmission be it with separated packets for video and audio or combined. Of course compression also needs to be agreed. So returning to InterBEE and as an exhibitor displaying the PHABRIX Qx, a test and measurement instruments for 12Gbps SDI, there was no doubt 4k and 8K was the flavour of the show with many manufacturers visiting our stand. In next month’s focus on UHDTV, we’ll take a look at the standards associated with UHDTV - now there’s a simple topic – not! BROADCAST FIBRE OPTIC SOLUTIONS OB and Field Deployable Applications Caddie-LB 4K BlueLite BC364 Wavelength Mapping ShaxX Power Insertion BN366 4K Fibre Links Infrastructure BC365 12G-SDI BC860/862 Gigabit links A complete range of modular field proven interfaces. From compact stand alone units to complete optical networks. Broadcast Specialists KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 108 DECEMBER 2015 | 27