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The week was pretty much non-stop, with my time spent gathering stories (both in the newsroom and out and about), and writing scripts for presenters to read out on air. A few days into my placement, and during the meeting I suggested a local angle for the on-going ‘homework debate’ that was all over the national press. A local school had carried out its own research study into the effectiveness of homework, and I had previously used Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects to edit the findings into a video. The BBC news editors liked the idea and the following morning we were doing a live outside broadcast on the radio, and later that same day, the story I had developed had been picked up by the local newspaper – I could be annoyed at “my exclusive” being pinched, but from a non-journalistic point-of- view, it did mean more views for my video! It was nice to have such a mixture of hands-on practical experience, whilst also being able to do some traditional work shadowing too. Even though I had managed to extend my work experience placement beyond the original five days thanks to the live sporting event that was the 2015 NatWest Island Games, it was still a sad day when I left. After several weeks away from broadcasting, working in a “proper” office job to raise some money to pay for my student lifestyle for the coming year, in August I returned to the first television station I had ever done work experience with – ITV Channel Television. This is the local region for Jersey and the rest of the Channel Islands. As I had been at ITV on and off since I was just 17 years old, I knew the team well and they allowed me to put some of the skills I’d learned during my first year on the BSc Television and Broadcasting course to good use, this included being allowed to edit several packages for broadcast, including the local weather. ITV’s newsrooms use Avid’s Newsroom Management system called “iNews®” which allows running orders, scripts and video packages to be centralised. Videos are edited using a version of Avid’s Media Composer software called “Newscutter” – which is very similar, but with a few tweaks to integrate into the iNews system. pending that time studying for my Avid User Certification had really helped me understand the software at a very comprehensive level, despite having only less than a year’s experience using Avid. Personally, I think spending my summer break on work experience was definitely the best thing I could’ve done in the long run. As well as getting to learn more about the industry, it was an opportunity to make some great connections, try new things like presenting and keep my broadcasting-related skills up to scratch during the long university break. It’s strange to think that what most people assume would be the quiet time for a student has been so busy! KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015 | 51