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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR Monitors IBC in Septemb er saw the launch of a number of innovative new products from Korean monitor manufacturer TVLogic. The fi rst to be available are two new 7” fi eld monitors. The TVLogic LVM-070C is a low cost alternative to the popular LVM-074W, with the list price expected to be under £750 ex VAT. Using the same 1024x600 pixel resolution screen & housed in a robust light weight alloy case, this monitor includes all the features that you expect from TVLogic including focus assistance, luma check, 1:1 pixel mapping as well as waveform monitor & vector scope. Inputs include analogue video, SDI up to 3G with a loop through output & HDMI. This is a fi rst from TVLogic at this price level & offers a top quality accurate monitor at a very affordable price. Ideal for owner operators & budget applications. Also due to start shipping next month is the LVM-075A, a full HD, 1920x1080 pixel resolution monitor. This monitor includes all the features found on the low cost LVM-070C as well as OP47 decoding. The LVM-075A also offers a second SDI input, with a switched loop though output, as well as HDMI in & out and HDMI to SDI conversion. There are more buttons on this model, giving direct access to all the most important controls. Horizontal & vertical fl ip of the picture is also available on the LVM-075A. Horizontal fl ip is useful to puppet operators. MADI Testing MADI specialists DirectOut Technologies has launched its MADI tester and monitor MADI. MONI, a sister product to the popular ANNA-LISA, MADI analyser and signal generator. Compact MADI.MONI is an essential piece of kit for OBs, Live and concert venues and has been designed with engineers’ toolboxes in mind so it’s readily available for checking and monitoring the integrity of the MADI connection, the individual audio signals and the format and settings of the MADI transmission. Connections are via coaxial BNC and an SFP MADI port. The SFP can be multimode, single mode fi bre or BNC and both MADI outputs are independently confi gurable. The output selection allows the MADI.MONI to be inserted into existing coaxial fi bre connections or to act as a converter between SFP fi bre and BNC. A USB port is included for battery charging and fi rmware updates. 22 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015