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If you are tired of working for clients who only want the best price, this book will transform your life. It redefines how to attract clients, market a premium service and enjoy a business with an income that hands you security and financial freedom on a plate. Business for Filmmakers is a blueprint for allowing a predictable six-figure income for filmmakers producing corporate videos and industrial films for commercial clients. In this book you will discover: • How to position your business as a premium service • The easy method of attracting new clients on autopilot • How to fire problem clients and lose nothing • The secret to doubling your profits in only 12 months Downlo ad a Free Chapte www.b u r at: s for filmm iness akers .com For all enquiries call the advertisement team on: +44 (0)1635 237 237 Advertisers Index Issue 106 ADVERTISER PAGE Appleworld Distribution 23 Hawk Woods 19 PIKS 67 AVPRO 69 Holdan Limited 35 PlayBox Technology Limited 100 Blackmagic Design UK 9 IDX Technology 41 Pyser-SGI Ltd 27 Bluebell Opticom Ltd 11 Junger Audio GmbH 6 Raycom 67 Bradley Engineering Ltd 29 JVC Professional 39 Rogcon Broadcast Engineering 33 Broadcast Hero 77 Lynx Technik 13 Satellite Solutions Worldwide Ltd 37 CineHD Ltd 57 MJO Communications 7 SeeSense 53 Digi Broadcast 79 MTF Services Ltd 21 Sentinel Broadcast 75 ES Broadcast 85 Murraypro 15 Telex Communications 17 F-Stop Academy 97 Octica Professional Limited 15, 65 25, 69 Fibre4TV Limited 20 Onvision Ltd 73 Tiffen International Ltd 45 Finepoint Broadcast limited 81 PAG (UK) Ltd 43 TNP Broadcast Limited 99 Gearhouse Broadcast 87 Peli Products (UK) Ltd 61 True Lens 71 GTC 63 Phabrix Ltd 2 WTS Broadcast 83 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015 | 97