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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Sound support Dedleg, the lightweight monopod support for sound recordists’ bags, is now available in the US. Having debuted at BVE in February 2015, the device has sold around 150 units worldwide and boasts dealers in Europe, Canada and now North America through Trew Audio. Sound recordist Paul Zanders, who invented the Dedleg, said: “Getting into the U.S. was a big thing for us and something that was really important to our business. We’ve had a few teething problems with suppliers, but now things are on track and we’re busy working on that ‘diffi cult second album.” Sound recording Editors Keys has released a new version of the Portable Vocal Booth Home Edition under its Studio Series brand. The successor to the Vocal Booth Home, the 2015 version is 51% smaller when folded down but expands up to 38% wider when opened up, allowing extra room for multiple microphones. It is intended to give users professional studio grade recordings at home when recording singing or vocal work. The new Vocal Booth Home has been given a brand new look with Studio Series’ trademark colours of black and orange. It comes with its own unique clamping system. Digital cinema cameras Red has added the Raven to its line of professional cameras. Equipped with a 4K Red Dragon sensor, it is capable of recording Redcode RAW (R3D) in 4K at up to 120 fps and in 2K at up to 240 fps. The Raven weights 3.5 pounds, making it suitable for documentaries, online content creation, indie fi lmmaking, and use with drones or gimbals. Pricing starts at $5,950 for the camera Brain only with complete packages available for under $10,000. Jarred Land, president of Red Digital Cinema, said: “It’s a younger, hungrier, more ‘spirited’ member of the Red family with a bit of a chip on its shoulder, ready to take on the entire sub- $10k market with images that users will be incredibly proud of.” Raven will begin shipping in February 2016. IP production At IBC NewTek demonstrated Advanced IP Workfl ow, a live production offering that allows production switchers to communicate with cameras and other video sources connected on a network and deliver multi-channel, frame-accurate video encoded in real-time over standard Ethernet networks. According to Newtek, “it does far more than just connect video sources on a LAN to the production switcher. It creates an exponential IP video matrix wherein each switcher recognises all video sources connected to other production switchers, replay systems, graphics systems and more on the LAN as IP sources and vice versa. Any device can use another’s connected inputs (and outputs) across the network, enabling multiple systems to scale the number of inputs and output resources.” Advanced IP Workfl ow, which makes use of the Network Device Interface (NDI), an open IP protocol also announced Watch the at IBC, made its debut in IBC interview a new version of TriCaster Advanced Edition. It is also available as a software upgrade. 08 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015