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Codecs Prompting Cinegy has developed what it considers to be the world’s fastest video codec. Unveiled during IBC, DANIEL2 is an acquisition and production codec designed for recording from camera sources, as well as editing, post-production and playout. Entirely GPU based with no dependence on legacy codec architectures, it is said to be able to decode up to 1100 frames per second at 8K (7680x4320), 16x the resolution of full HD, which translates to over 17,000 frames of full HD per second. At IBC DANIEL2 was shown working with an off-the-shelf sub-$1000 PC equipped with an Intel quad core i7-6700K processor, and an Nvidia GTX980Ti or Quadro M6000 graphics card. Cinegy managing director Jan Weigner said: “With DANIEL2, you can encode/decode 8K right now, in real time, on hardware you already own.” DANIEL2 will be made available as an SDK for developers. CueScript launched the new Ethernet-based Mole Foot Control at IBC. Designed to sit under a desk or at a presenter’s feet, the unit has CAN Bus connectivity to enable production teams to use it anywhere without the need for special cabling. Watch the IBC interview Watch the IBC interview The company also showed off its CueScript Collapsible Hood (CSHCM), a pack-and-go full-sized hood that folds down for storage or transportation without having to remove the glass. The CueB was also on display. This is a USB or Ethernet-based external prompting hub that connects to PC or Mac, enabling activation of the CueiT software and allowing additional desktop, foot and wireless controls to be added to the CueScript system. It has a built-in video distribution amplifi er and features two analogue video outputs, genlock and two SDI outputs as standard. 4K Lenses SeeSense have been appointed distributers for a new range of 4K resolution 220°, 250° and 280° fi sheye lenses from Entaniya. Their 220° and 250° M12 (S-mount) lenses capture seamless 360 degree panoramic video with as few as two 1/2.3 CMOS Sensors. The more sensors utilised the better the quality. However, an Entaniya 280° lens mounted 1.5 metres vertically above the ground can capture all but a blind spot of approximately 2.5 metres in diameter. Cameras utilizing these lenses can record amazing images which, when dewarped, provide immersive viewing for applications including advertising, events coverage, multi-media documentary and corporate audiences. 10 years of serving the broadcast industry Smart Marketing Services to help you stand out from the crowd impactful programs | compelling content | real engagement KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015 | 07