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monitoring. GhostRack is ideal for OB vehicles to run power and video over standard coaxial cable for multi- camera and/or monitor channels. “Video Ghost is ideal for short-term or permanent applications including broadcast, entertainment venues, retail establishments and houses of worship,” explains Julian Hiorns, BHV Broadcast’s managing director and principal designer of Video Ghost. “Operational benefi ts include portability and rapid deployment (important features for mobile productions and diffi cult locations where monitoring is required) and the fl exibility to send or receive video signals and DC power wherever and whenever the need arises.” It’s Unique! While Walior found numerous interesting aspects regarding Video Ghost’s size, performance and capabilities, he was most impressed with the unit’s ability to operate with any manufacturers brick. Although Video Ghost is shipped with its own 19v brick, Walior decided to experiment and substitute the brick from the original OEM device and inject it in the Video Ghost. The result? He found himself working with the exact amperage and the exact voltage that the manufacturer specifi ed and was able to run power from the core plant all the way up to a remote location. He explains: “I used it with some Grass Valley compact cameras. I took their bricks and injected those into the Video Ghost and it worked perfectly. It is completely compliant with any manufacturer’s specs, so I’m delivering exactly what they want delivered.” LOOKING FORWARD Walior looks forward to being creative with all the different places Video Ghost can fi t and fi x a problem. He says: “I can put it on a shelf or in a rack, and it’s compact enough to actually mount on a smaller camera or monitor. “It’s going to come more and more into play because we understand that it not only can solve one problem real easily, it can really fi x a dozen. It is a unique little fi x. Simple and reasonably priced. I don’t know of anyone else doing this.” KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015 | 65