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So how can Periscope help you and what can you gain? Terry White, a certified Adobe expert with over 19 years of experience, discusses his views on the live streaming app as he recently shared his own Periscope video via his YouTube channel. What are your thoughts on Periscope? I love Periscope because it enables ordinary people to be able instantly broadcast live video and audio. How easy have you found it to use Periscope? Periscope is very easy to use and get started with. How beneficial to small businesses do you think Periscope is? I’ve seen small and large businesses begin to embrace Periscope as a way of talking directly with existing and new customers and even use it to launch new products. Has Periscope helped you and if so, how? Yes, it’s given me one more way to talk to my fans at any time day or night and from anywhere in the world. If you could make any adjustments or improvements to Periscope what would they be? Periscope is great but there are lots of things I’d like to see. A few features that come to mind are: the ability to save broadcasts longer than 24 hours (maybe that becomes a paid aspect of Periscope). The ability to save the broadcasts with the comments and hearts directly to your device. As it stands today it will only save the video/audio. The ability to bring other broadcaster into your stream (now let’s hear from Joe on the other side of the convention hall. When that person is done I take control and it comes back to me. In terms of those using it for video production purposes how can users take advantage of the app? For video production it useful to do a broadcast and get the live feedback, but once you’re done take the raw video that’s now on your device and repurpose it. To fi nd out more about Terry White follow him on Periscope: KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015 | 47