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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR MADI analyser German manufacturer and MADI specialist DirectOut Technologies has launched a new piece of analysis software for ANNA-LISA, its handheld MADI analyser and signal generator. Available as an app for Android devices it provides more information than has previously been available on the ANNA- LISA alone. Functions include: confi guration of the MADI outputs with electrical level adjustment; detailed measurements of the MADI inputs; logging of status/ signal changes; a BitScope; and a fi bre module readout. Also featured is a 64 channel audio meter display for channel based routing between the two MADI ports. Aspen Media is the UK distributor for ANNA-LISA. Frames AJA Video Systems has launched a new range of video and audio rackframe cards for use in standard openGear frames or AJA’s new OG-3 frame. OpenGear is an open-architecture, modular frame system designed by Ross Video and supported by various terminal equipment manufacturers. The new cards include: the OG-1x9-SDI-DA, a 1x9 SDI re-clocking distribution amplifi er; the OG-FIBER-2R, a 2-channel fi bre to SDI converter; and the OG- FIBER-2T, a 2-channel SDI to fi bre converter. The new OG-3-FR is a 2RU, 20-slot openGear frame that can support any openGear-compatible card. “Our broadcast customers have been asking us for openGear compatible cards, and are very excited to provide them with three new solutions for using our I/O hardware in our own openGear racks, or racks that they may already have in-house,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. Dailies Codex has launched the Codex Production Suite, a new Mac-based dailies and archiving system. Among the key features is a range of colour management and colour grading tools including support for ACES colour pipelines and compatibility with Codex Live for streamlined colour from camera through to deliverables Non-destructive, CDL-based colour grading tools, supported via Tangent panels, enable users to create or modify looks and communicate them through to editorial and the fi nal colour grade. CDLs and LUTs can be imported and processed so that externally created looks can be applied, either overall or on a shot-by-shot basis. Codex Production Suite works with the Codex Capture Drive Dock or Capture Drive 2.0 Dock. “It provides a smaller technology footprint for on- or near-set applications, and is ready to travel wherever it is needed,” said Brian Gaffney, vice president of business development at Codex. News management Digital media company Perform has expanded its global operations, including its news production and distribution capabilities, using technology from Dalet Digital Media Systems. Richard Copeman, Perform’s head of news said: “Adding Dalet news scripting, news production and distribution capabilities has enhanced the effi ciency of our teams across the globe, allowing Perform to both reduce the number of different systems required and demystify the technical complexities that come with managing large amounts of content for our staff.” Perform is using Dalet as the basis of remote workfl ow operations between the lead UK operation and offi ces in Munich, Amsterdam and Uruguay. News desk staff in the three local bureaus log in via the Dalet web client, browse media and mark in and out points before sending the clip to a watch folder. Watch the Clips can be sent to the UK by the IBC interview Aspera FASP fast transfer protocol for further editing and routed back to the overseas offi ces in the same manner. 26 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015