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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT Broadcast graphics Convertors Following successful customer trials, IBC saw the offi cial launch of tOG-Vista, a panoramic 4K UHD or 2K HD stitch application from RT Software. The tOG- Vista takes the live outputs from two side-by-side static cameras and stitches them together to create a single, panoramic view of the entire fi eld of view. This enables operators to generate two HD outputs. The HD outputs are joystick controlled to allow the operator to follow the action, and zoom in and out as required. In single operator mode, one joystick can set the tight angle on the action, while the second output will allow a looser wide shot around the same area. A range of options will be available including the ability to add tele-stration for sports analysis and virtual advertising on the fi eld of play. Decimator Design has released a fi rmware update that adds customer-requested features to its range of convertors and multi-viewers. 3G Level B support for 1080p60/59.94/50 has been added to the MD-HX, MD- CROSS V1/V2, MD-QUAD, DMON-4S, DMON-6S, DMON- 12S, DMON-16S and DMON-16SL. At the same time users can now convert between 3G level A + B with the SDI output on the MD-HX, MD-CROSS V1/V2, MD-QUAD, DMON-6S, DMON-12S and DMON-16S set to either 3G level A or B. This allows for easy conversion between 3G level A or B. Horizontal and vertical image fl ipping on the MD-HX and MD-CROSS V1/V2 via the built in scaler has also been added while the MD-QUAD and DMON-4S also get horizontal and vertical image fl ipping per window. 3D graphics Brainstorm and 3D Storm have launched LiveCG Election, a product for turning complex data from election results into full 3D animated graphs and augmented reality graphics in real-time. LiveCG Election is available as a software only product, supporting NewTek AirSend protocol and sending motion graphics in full resolution to any TriCaster connected through Ethernet without using any video inputs. 3D Storm also offers a turnkey system providing SDI in/out as well as Fill and Key to be connected to any vision mixer. “Augmented Reality is what broadcasters want today,” said 3D Storm managing director Franck Lafage. “LiveCG Election combines both ease of use and outstanding graphics capabilities.” 3D Storm is a Watch the distributor of NewTek and IBC interview LiveXpert products. www.brainstor Image processing At IBC Digital Vision showcased both Loki and a version of Thor for OFX, the open source standard for visual-effect plugins. Loki is for fi le-based image processing tasks and allows the user to create automated, confi gurable, and fl exible workfl ows that fi t into existing working practices for broadcast, fi lm and video restoration, and post production. Loki provides access to DVO image processing tools as options on an ‘a la carte’ basis. Standard workfl ow features in Loki include transcoding, multiple watch folders and multiple node support. The Thor accelerator card was shown with the new Thor Ultra toolset, including Thor Zoom and Thor Sharpen. Upcoming OFX support means users of other systems (including competitor grading and restoration products) will be able to use Thor and Digital Vision algorithms. Shared storage EditShare unveiled its latest AirFlow Private Cloud remote workfl ow products at IBC. Now included with every EditShare storage system as part of the integrated Flow MAM toolset, and also available for integration with qualifi ed third-party storage products such as Avid ISIS 5500, AirFlow allows companies to provide secure browser-based remote access to outside collaborators from within their facilities. Using customisable metadata templates, AirFlow can be deployed to support diverse workfl ows such as review and approval, outsourced transcriptions, marketing archival material for sale to third parties, and proxy editing with relinking to high-resolution fi les. 16 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015