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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Remote production Fluid heads ChyronHego’s VidiGo has secured a contract that will see Euro Media Group (EMG), the broadcast facilities and services company, deploy VidiGo Live in four live remote production galleries. VidiGo Live is a multi- camera production environment that offers camera SDI inputs/outputs, video playback, graphics, audio, and the automation capabilities. In a typical VidiGo Live deployment, cameras and a production server are the only equipment required at the remote location, with the full production controlled over an IP network from a centralized studio. Thierry Drilhon, the chief executive of EMG, said: “We had been evaluating remote production solutions for two years. Having worked intensively with VidiGo, we came to the conclusion that VidiGo Live is clearly the most advanced solution in the industry. It has the potential to reinvent live broadcasting by separating equipment from the physical location of the production.” At IBC Miller Fluid Heads showcased the Compass 23, an “affordable” entry model in the 100mm ball levelling range. Compass 23 is designed for use with medium size large sensor cameras and in a wide variety of different shooting scenarios from light rigging with just a camera and a lens to a full rig with monitors, wireless mics and batteries. Mike Lippmann, European manager, Miller Fluid Heads, said: “The Compass 23 provides users with the capability to add more lens and rig options without completely going out of the 75mm price range. This is a great way for those starting out to add more advanced production elements in an affordable way.” Watch the IBC interview Mounts Lenses IDX has announced the release of the AT-E2CMKII – an ENDURA V-Mount battery adaptor plate for Canon’s new C300 Mark II camera. The V-Mount adaptor plate allows IDX ENDURA V-Mount batteries to power the C300 Mark II. It is equipped with a genuine Lemo connector for a direct connection to the camera and offers (2) D-Tap outputs, capable of handling 50W each, for powering ancillary gear (monitors, lights, recorders, etc.). IDX’s signature V-Plate design offers fl exible mounting with 3 industry standard screw-hole patterns to adapt to virtually any cheese plate or camera support rod mounting accessory. Cooke Optics’ new 65mm Macro Anamorphic/i 2x prime lens made its debut at IBC, alongside a major update to the /i Squared Technology metadata system. The 65mm Macro anamorphic lens, which recently went into production, boasts a close-up magnifi cation ratio of 4:1:1. It has a close focus of 13.75cm from the front of the lens. According to Cooke, the key feature of the lens “is that its focus does not fall apart as it gets to macro focuses, making it ideal for close-ups and product shots.” Cooke has been working on enhancements to its /i Squared Technology to provide more detailed lens data to VFX and post-production teams. The latest addition to the /i Squared fi rmware provides distortion mapping – not just a theoretical measurement of all lenses of a particular focal length, but of the specifi c lens in use. Batteries Anton/Bauer has announced a new series of batteries for digital cinema cameras. The CINE was designed to be the safe and durable and delivers 12 amps of continuous power. It incorporates Fuse Link technology which - in the case of a cell anomaly - provides protection to surrounding battery cells, preventing catastrophic damage. The battery line also features multiple sensors to detect temperature and over-current states. Considered ideal for camera stabiliser systems and rail-mounted cameras, the CINE battery's durable, industrial design and footprint compliments cine-style cameras, such as the Arri Alexa Mini and Red Weapon, and functions on all existing Anton/Bauer chargers. It includes a PowerTap to power auxiliary accessories such as monitors, lights, wireless receivers, and any other 14V accessory. 10 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015