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OVERVIEW Spotlight on NyeTec E stablished or almost ears e ec is a family run company based in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, supplying solutions for Contributing and Distributing Digital TV, including products for developing and testing s stems. ombining e tensive engineering knowledge with leading-edge products and reactive customer support offering their customers unrivalled service. e ec have been appointed a istributor or armonic nc. the acclaimed World Leader in Digital Video Infrastructure Solutions - See more at: Initially concentrating on the supply of Contribution and Distribution products they have been slowly broadening their range to encompass more of Harmonic’s leading encoding, stream processing and video networking solutions for superior- quality broadcast and multiscreen applications. Ellipse 3000 he llipse delivers ristine video ualit at the ront o the broadcast contribution chain being the industry’s best value or high end igital atellite ews athering and live sports broadcasting applications the armonic llipse family of contribution encoders combines superior video quality, the highest level of function integration and ease of use in an economical, compact package. Proview 8100 he fi rst member o the all new armonic ro iew amil o integrated receiver decoders the ro iew single-channel commercial decoder and descrambler is a compact, fully featured unit for general-purpose primary distribution applications. e ec have worked with the ounders o uales. aniel Ro u s scolar uis Rodr gue arc a and ernhard chuur for a number of years and sell their products in the UK. he uales product http uales is a ull eatured comprehensive ideo ualit hecking solution with the most cost-effective value proposition in the market today. Intended for small or medium size enterprises this scalable product easily adapts to the customers growing workfl ow environments. uitable or online or broadcast content uales o ers a straight-forward web-based interface with visual health check for media, ensuring content readiness at all stages of the customers workfl ow. 74 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 VideoFlow is the leading provider of an innovative cost-effective, standard-compliant high-quality digital content protection solution that enables network operators, content distributors, telecom, cable and satellite companies as well as mobile service providers to give their viewers the highest quality video anywhere, anytime, on any device. The VideoFlow product delivers a solution for its customers to pass Video over the internet, recovering lost packets and removing jitter using patented technology. For one customer, Teleitalia, an Italian broadcaster, used satellite for its primary distribution network connecting Teleitalia’s main headend in Brescia to eight remote sites. Teleitalia wanted to replace the e pensive ongoing costs o satellite links with a considerabl less e pensive option without compromising ualit or reliabilit . VideoFlow supplied a solution to deliver its primary feeds over the internet ensuring high quality, reliability and live video at all times. s a result eleitalia slashed its costs rom b to b per month giving an incredibly fast return on investment. Controlled Adaptive Rate (CAR) R technolog protects against fl uctuations in the connection bit rate that can freeze the service. Using metrics gathered for the line the VideoFlow units can vary the bit rate of the encoder feeding the system hence matching the available bit rate and always delivering the best quality signal for the conditions available. ideo low s patent pending R algorithm overcomes the di fi cult o increasing the bit rate on the fl so that the ma imum possible bit rate is reached without e ceeding the network capacit . Essential for contribution applications that require service continuity, R probes the video stream health in real time and adapts the encoder s bit rate to the network conditions on the fl ensuring uninterrupted broadcast quality video. e ec continue their long association with DekTec following their recent reorganisation in the UK and are the only Authorised reseller for DekTec in the UK. Two new products released from ek ec are the All-Standard All-Band Modulator. This long awaited product is likely to become the work horse of all engineers who need to demonstrate both Terrestrial and Satellite standards and starts at the ver reasonable price o . To complement this product DekTec have also released the DTU- R receiver anal ser. he is a portable unit or real time anal sis o terrestrial and cable signals is supported too . n e tra DVB-ASI input lets you analyse baseband Transport treams. sing to suppl power data and control; no additional power supply or batteries are required at a base price o e ec ontinues to evolve by introducing innovative and affordable products and by listening to the needs of their customer base. ome and see arol ack Rebecca and err at all . or call us on Website: ebshop www.n etec