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Broadcast services Audio mixing rickbo has bought units o ulti ne s camera fi bre s stem. upplied b Albion Technical Distribution the purchase will allow rickbo to turn anon s or on s into s stem cameras in particular during coverage of events where the action is spread over a wide area. As well as being part o rickbo TV’s production service offering, the camera systems will also be made available for dry hire. At the same time rickbo has also purchased rgos fi bre cable a vision mi er signal processing equipment, a video router several fi le based recorders and additional multi-camera equipment in order to build a custom Portable Production Unit. imeline elevision has installed a alrec console in the truck built or port s ltra channel. ader rtemis console was installed because, in part, “it has a large fader count in a small footprint and a sur ace is amiliar to man e perienced audio mi ers which minimi es setup times. imeline sound engineer ill nderwood added Redundanc dra routing the fl e ible range o fi ed ormat and modular all o those are important. And the loudness metering and ‘look-ahead’ limiters are particularl use ul in helping mi engineers meet R re uirements. dra enables integration with the truck in rastructure and e tends to imeline s e isting dra network at port in i it ast ondon where there are three rtemis consoles networked to a central dra router core. www.trickbo awo will use stand . to premiere a new technolog that it promises will “heighten the production value of major sporting events, taking viewers’ in game e perience to new levels o e citement b enhancing the depth and intensit o their audio e perience while signifi cantl reducing production e ort. The innovation, details of which are being kept under wraps until the show opens, will centre on the use o mi ing desks in live sports production. he compan will also unveil a new line product designed specifi call or based live remote production. t will eature rame accurate switching o video with enhanced “hitless” merging for network operational redundancy. Timecode imecode stems has begun shipping the ini tr with compatibilit . smaller alternative to the imecode udd ifi master it o ers accurate timecode genlock and word clock and uses built in R network to monitor status and or remote control. he ini tr also features a higher-capacity lithium-ion polymer battery upgrade and an option for a second LTC or word clock output rom the s nc connector. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 | 07