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he latest member to this prominent circle is the oto . he talian broadcast specialist is rel ing on R intercoms to support its coverage o the premier championship of motorcycle road racing worldwide for Sky Italia. “Live productions are always challenging, as you only have one shot at getting everything right,” says Rosario astaldi enior ccount anager at . or the oto we also need to bear in mind that our whole s stem has to fit inside two flight cases. he tight schedule o the oto calendar poses a urther challenge: “Some months, races are held on consecutive weekends. The scant time available for setting up and breaking down the s stem is there ore an e tremel important factor.” “The basis for our work is communication,” says Castaldi. “Without being able to speak to one another, we would be unable to implement productions successfully.” To assure communications brought in ro essional how R partner and tal s largest s stem integrator. Together they devised a communication system built upon R e uipment. n R mid si e modular intercom matri e uipped with enabling R and analog cards constitutes the heart of the system deployed each weekend. A total o color displa ke panels with integrated processing, multidirectional keys and an intuitive graphic user interface are connected to the compact digital audio matri thereb allowing user riendl operation and ensuring highest audio ualit . R gooseneck microphones complete the mobile installation. he intercom e uipment rom R is highl fle ible and delivers first class per ormance ualities essential or an live production e plains astaldi. hat we especiall appreciate during the oto is the act that the system is easy and quick to set up. With MADI on board, we can integrate the system into the audio networks on site using standard cabling. he R s stem additionall allows us to become an e tension o the Sky Italia system through trunking.” The performance of the systems has been so outstanding that is set to make broader use o them. is currentl developing another fl awa s stem. he mobile production room will include cameras and all the equipment needed for the host broadcast production of the three Superbike races outside urope. Rosario astaldi n view o the antastic e perience we have had with R it s obvious that R equipment will be on board.” Intercom highlights at IBC ne o these could the new R eries the highlight o the R booth at booth hall . he eries ke panels set a new milestone within the R product range combining color displays, intuitive operation and full compatibility with all e isting R matrices in a modern design. KP-Series keypanels are suitable for a wide range of intercom product customers such as broadcast production studios, theater and sport venues, houses of worship, and outside broadcast vans. he new eries amil rom R includes three members he a two rack unit ke panel with operation ke s the a one rack unit ke panel with operation ke s as well as the a one rack unit e tension panel with operation ke s . ll eries ke panels are backwards compatible with R analog matrices and have uture proo technolog on board using Dante transmission protocol. Each KP-Series keypanel features a full-color HD display offering superior color, contrast, resolution, and viewing angle. The keypanels are capable of displa ing atin rillic and simplified hinese characters. dditionall R s latest product innovation allows intuitive single hand operation by ergonomically designed four-way levers providing talk/listen and volume. The KP-Series of panels now o er as standard a ull range o e ternal connections or and ancillar audio unctions which were previously optional. Superior sound quality with design assistance is provided by the EV speaker engineering R group. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 | 61