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The list as drafted turns to have much common ground between the various disciplines and these skills were placed in one group “Basic Technical”. The ver fi rst item is hms aw something was taught when I was twelve. It doesn’t seem to be like that now, or perhaps pupils just aren’t listening. There’s another group, “Basic non-technical” which includes things like “be on time”, “wear the right clothes” which should be obvious but for some reason aren’t. After that, each discipline has its own section. In early summer, then, the list was in late draft, and it was time to start consulting both the educators and the industry. I started with several educational establishments that had been represented at the January conference. I have to say that I wasn’t prepared for the enthusiastic reception. “When can we use the logo was the ver fi rst uestion I was asked. Ummm - actually I hadn’t thought of that. ITTP doesn’t plan to approve education establishments or courses, just individuals, but there must be a way with the logo that suits all. It’s very much in everyone’s interest. The process of consultation is now well into its swing, with this article as part of it. The summer holidays have slowed things down a touch, but not for much longer. ne high profi le emplo er is ver approving but understandably doesn’t want his company logo to be the only one attached to the list. We are already talking to a good number of other companies, so that everyone can join in. We also need to continue consulting with education. I intend to talk to other universities and colleges in the ne t ew weeks but all are welcome to contact us to comment. I don’t want to publish a fi nal version until ever one has had a chance to say what they think, and I will send the current draft to those who ask. nd when the list is sorted hat ne t he fi rst thing is to ormall publish it and then we need to start working on ways of assessment. This is beyond my personal skill range but then so is lighting directing . t s currently very much under discussion, but personally I think we need to partner up with an organisation that does this sort of thing for a living – new business for a lucky company. If you or your organisation want to join in, please contact me at The intro session video - https s WE SUPPLY YOU PRODUCE Picture Canning - Suppliers to the film and TV industry > Fast, reliable service > 24/7 back-up > Competitive rates > Expert knowledge Picture Canning has offices based in London and Newcastle, operating both nationally and internationally. We are experienced in: Drama, features, commercials, documentaries, broadcast, factual and entertainment. For more information or to request a quote call: 0800 689 3607 London: 0207 164 6907 | Newcastle upon Tyne: 0191 265 0061 | Call us for: Camera crew, lighting, audio, grip, on site infinity corner cove, bespoke camera and crew vehicles. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 | 57