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COMMENT Lessons Learnt Webcasting Live to the Web 1. Live webcasting is the same as doing live television. Keep the pace moving, and take advantage of the visual aspect of your presentation. . Don’t do live streaming unless you can take advantage of being live through the content you are providing, chats with the audience, surveys, or other interactive elements. Live streaming is harder than downloading a fi le. ownloading recorded fi les is ast eas ine pensive and cheap. The technology is well understood and works great. Live streaming should only be considered when the “live” element is paramount. However, like live broadcasting in general, when everything is working there s nothing more e citing than watching something unfold live, in real-time. by Larry Jordan W hen I first started in this industry, more than ears ago live television broadcasts were plentiful and popular. In fact, I got my start as a director in live television. However, the only way to create a live broadcast was with lots of equipment, large crews and plenty of money. Today, the paradigm has shifted away from broadcast to the web. Live webinars abound from a wide variety of sources. In the past, live broadcasting was e tremel comple . oda live webcasts are far easier. A couple of issues ago, I wrote about how we were able to create our own live web streaming facility for our studio. This month, I want to share some of the lessons we’ve learned over the last several months on what it takes to make web streaming successful. 52 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 . nline webinar s stems like o o ebinar or dobe onnect are e cellent or screen sharing with a single microphone. They are terrible if you need to coordinate multiple audio elements into a program. . We prefer not to use YouTube live streaming even though YouTube live streaming is much easier. If you simply need to set-up a one-time-only stream to a few friends, this is a perfect system. However, ou ube e ists or online adverting and marketing. can’t control or remove ads that may appear on my stream, nor can I control who can watch it. If I am presenting proprietary or paid material, YouTube is not a good choice. For me, it boils down to a question of control; I want to be in control of my live streams. . here is alwa s a dela in a streamed fi le. here is a LOT of latency in the web. On a live stream, originating rom our o fi ces the streamed version o our presentation will run to minutes the live event. This has big implications if you are e pecting live comments rom the audience as they will be responding several minutes after you presented the material. If no audience response is e pected this is not a big deal. ut i ou are e pecting interaction ou need to design our presentation to accommodate these delays.