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Be reassuringly expensive Raising our prices will eel uncom ortable in act when you deliver your costs to a client, if you don’t feel a little uncomfortable, then the chances are you’re not charging enough. Also, never give your prices verbally. The danger of giving pricing this way is when you announce your price, the line goes silent and you lose your bottle and risk saying something daft like, “but if it’s too much, I can do you a deal”. Be proud of your prices; if you’re pricing correctly you can dedicate your time to the client project and give them a premium service. A good friend of mine runs a very successful coaching and consulting business and he works with CEOs and senior managers across blue-chip companies. A couple of years ago he bought himself a Bentley Continental, with cash. think the car cost in e cess o . For many people, that kind of money is out of the realms of possibility. However, even if you have the money, when you buy that car from Bentley you have to wait. Premium brands often employ scarcity in their sales process as it helps to urther enhance the e clusivit o ownership. Plus, when you do order the car it is hand built to our specifi cation and the person who builds it inscribes their name within the chassis. Then each year, when the car needs a service, the engineer who built the car comes personally to the home of the owner and services the car. Bentley is a premium brand, and my friend is happy to pay the higher prices to have the person who built the car come and service his car. He has the means to pay for such a car and such a service. He doesn’t have to wait in line at a garage, it’s all done for him which allows him to focus on making money in his own business. He also travels ever where in either business or fi rst class and only ever invests in the best products and services because he likes the fact that buying from premium priced brands delivers him a premium service. Don’t ever underestimate the value clients put on dealing with a company that is focused on high quality and service. Many are willing to pay more than you think for video production. You may not feel your business is currently in that position. That’s okay, reading this book and applying the principles I share with you will begin to move you more decisively in that direction. ou want to discover how to easil attract more customers and clients go to orfi KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 | 51