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COMMENT CLASS Why Ingest to the Cloud? by Matthieu Fasani W ith Cloud storage becoming cheaper and the data transfer to services such as Amazon storage being ree o charge there are numerous reasons why ingesting to the Cloud should be part of any media organization’s workflow. So, stop trying to calculate how much storage your organization consumes by day, month or ear or whether ou need a a or a rid and find out why Cloud could be just what your organization needs. Easy Sharing of Content one are the da s o production crews or fi eld journalists spending copious amounts of time and money shipping hard drives to the home site or being limited by the bandwidth of an FTP server when uploading content. With object storage services like ma on or icroso t ure uploading content to the Cloud has become easy and cheap. Once content is uploaded to the Cloud, anyone with secure credentials can access it from anywhere in the world. Rights Access to Content ith secure connections such as and rights access management tools, you can specify, by user, group access rights and duration of how long content can be accessed on the Cloud. Most providers have set up advanced security features to protect your data as well as to replicate content to more secure locations. Cloud Services to Process the Data By uploading content to the Cloud, in the backend ou can set up services and workfl ows to run checks on content, stream media, transcode to multiple formats, and organize the content for search and retrieval using a edia sset anagement system hosted on the Cloud. 48 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 Cloud Scalability Rather than bu ing an e pensive tape librar or continuing to purchase more hardware for a spinning disk storage, with cloud storage, one can scale down or scale up with the click o a button. o need or over provisioning. Disaster Recovery An organization can easily set up secure data replication from one site to another or institute replication rules to copy content to multiple virtual containers, offering assurance that content will not be lost. Moving Towards an OPEX Model As operations and storage move to the Cloud, you can control your investment by paying as you use services and store content on the Cloud. Instead of investing in infrastructure maintenance and support, with operations on the Cloud, you can focus the investment on what makes a difference – the content – and not the infrastructure to support it. Why Upload to the Cloud? The Cloud is no longer a technology of the future; with cloud storage being adopted by some of the largest companies in the world, Cloud technology is today’s reality. Adopting Cloud technology allows you to control your investment by usage needs, while keeping content safe via data backups and secure access to content to anyone with credentials anywhere in the world. The biggest limitation now is bandwidth, and the hurdle is adjusting the current infrastructure to support Cloud operations. Many organizations are turning towards a hybrid Cloud model, where content and services are hosted both locally and via Cloud solutions.