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COMMENT EditShare Originally created to give a more fl e ible affordable solution for media sharing, EditShare is an innovative way to improve e fi cienc and workfl ow. his ear the showcase at the IBC with their XStream EFS which is the most recent addition to the EditShare range. XStream EFS offers quality per ormance and resilienc or real time workfl ows. fantastic way to give large groups of media based groups an open storage plat orm involving project sharing e treme fast performance and multiple levels of redundancy. The little sister Xstream ST is also one of the latest shared storage solutions, which is aimed at meeting the needs of smaller production facilities with it’s more pocket friendly package. With MAM within XStream ST, it allows its clients to focus more on creativity rather than technology. atch dit hare in all NewTek Showcasing the full range of TriCaster multi video camera solutions. The latest TriCaster Advanced Edition will be a main attraction for those visiting the ew ek booth. ith man eatures including automated graphics creation based on data fi elds and plent more it s no doubt the ew ek stand will be buzzing with keen admirers. Other models on show will be the TriCaster and there will be a eature o the la which has been stated as the most complete, integrated sports production solution for broadcasters. Features include slow motion, instant replay and multi angle preview. ew ek will be presenting wh it s professional video production tools are the most complete in the world, sought after by media companies wanting cost-effective ways to produce high quality content. tand . o take a look visit stand . . IBC Drone Zone Panasonic Always one to watch out for, Panasonic proves to be looking like another tasty attraction to visit at this years IBC. With new studio cameras to showcase starting with the studio camera along with the original model . oth products will be boasting high quality image output, with the friendly user interface. The which has been deemed as ideal for outdoor sports broadcasting and remote studio conditions will also be demonstrated. There are plenty more goodies to witness at Panasonic’s stand, and it’s no doubt it will be full within the hour the show opens! Catch anasonic in all stand . We all love a good drone, and with the amazing sights we saw at this ears how in as egas it s no wonder that IBC will be pushing the boundaries to compete! It looks like they are doing just that with their Drone Zone at this years IBC with the ‘Very Large Flying Cage’ that can be accessed b e hibitors to showcase their products. IBC states “affordable and easily controlled miniature fl ing machines and the new breed o small camera have come together in a new creative tool capable of delivering a stunning new viewpoint of the highest quality in video technology.” We can’t wait to see what’s buzzing around on the fl oor to keep up to date on all drone in o go to the website, Well there you have the 7 things to witness at this years IBC Amsterdam 2015! If you think there are anymore top things to see then tweet us at @editorskeys #kitplus we’d love to hear the gossip! 46 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015