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COMMENT by Beth Zarkhosh I BC, the annual broadcasting event that brings professionals in the media industry together has been running since . ach ear brings new e citement and innovation to the event held in Amsterdam. Originally aimed at purely the technical broadcasting industr nternational roadcast onvention aims to cater for a wider media spectrum involving creative management and delivery. Originally debuting at the Lancaster Hotel in London with just e hibitors and business delegates IBC has transformed into a worldwide event that attracts many famous names including ro essor rian o and modern Hip Hop star Moving to it’s new location in msterdam since the show continues to deliver quality content, it is seen as being a number one infl uential event in digital cinema to supporting new changes in other digital communications media such as mobile television. So for those of you who will be jetting off to Amsterdam this year, here are the top ten things to watch out for! things you must see at IBC 2015 Grass Valley 4K Workflows So the Belden Brand will be showcasing its fantastic range of broadcast solutions. he niverse switchable camera along with the no niverse Repla stem. llowing an camera or repla position to be set up or regular or e treme speed ac uisition repla . ombining these cameras positions can now become e treme speed or positions with the abilit rom an shot rom an angle during any type of production. he rass alle will be positioned at booth . . Hitachi Data Systems Broadcast camera specialists; Hitachi will be well worth checking out at this years IBC, with the showcasing of the award winning UHD camera s stem along with the brand new . viewfi nder . little advantage of visiting the Hitachi booth is their innovative wireless state of the art solution with a ireless Return hannel. he itachi ata stems booth will be located in all at ooth . Evertz The audio and video manufacturer will be showing off their new audio and video processor at the this ear ocusing on the leading o tware efi ned ideo etworking solution vert is striding ahead as a leader in the IP industry. The MVIP-II is the newest IP based multi viewer which offers audio and video monitoring from IP streams, featuring like loudness monitoring. he i can decode up to . . and . in a single R chassis. t supports most major video compression systems as well as streaming output. ocated at stand . 44 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015