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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR T&M mnitek will show its ltra ool o and present its esign and onsultanc ervices at tand . . The Ultra includes features that analyse, generate and convert to signals with over support. Of particular note is a range of Physical Layer measurement tools that offer Eye and Jitter analysis up to and include the means to ascertain sources of noise using the Ultra’s Jitter Spectrum and Jitter Histogram displays. Enhancements made to the Ultra for IBC include audio PPM, channel status displays and tone generation. mnitek will also be presenting its R and OTM products at IBC. These feature waveform monitoring capabilities and picture quality analysis, providing real- time video quality measurement between original and transmitted streams. Leader has launched a multi-format waveform monitor that is capable of displaying and evaluating signals from up to our input channels at the same time. he is designed or use but can be upgraded to include the eature set o the including pattern generator e e pattern and digital audio card. apabilities include waveform, vector and picture monitoring, an event log, data dump and four-channel timing display. An SDI signal status facility looks for cyclic-redundancy-check errors and embedded-audio errors. Leader’s Cinelite II toolset comes as a standard eature allowing or the assessment o relative e posure and overall luminance. R is releasing it s and combined generator/analyzer to the industry in all . eveloped using the ver latest technolog R once again provides a unique solution to the broadcast industr s latest trend and . ncorporating the orld s fi rst real time multi rame rate ph sical la er anal sis e e and jitter tool-set with automatic SMPTE compliance measurements, it provides comprehensive testing or both and infrastructures. he new R hardware plat orm also supports the ne t generation o both copper and fi bre uncompressed inter aces and importantl or those interested in over b or based in rastructures. R igh namic Range ide olour amut audio formats will be provided as the standards develop. R igh rame Rate along with advanced object based R has added eatures to its highl success ul rack mount product range at oudness monitoring and losed aption monitoring as standard. . . provides he R range has additional ormat support and olb levels generator. new e e and jitter fi lter and histogram toolset has been added as part of the standard along with a separate jitter instrument. A very useful grid displa provides instant awareness o the ancillar signal present on the input has been added as a standard eature across the whole range when purchased rom new. inall the eatures displa or R s multi inter ace hand held provides analogue s. ore innovation rom R . www.phabri .com 26 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 and optical support and now