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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR “ Not for one second would we at KitPlus suggest that Sony is dumbing down the MAM, but its new Media Navigator, announced last month (see below), does sound at bit like the equivalent of a ‘MAM for dummies’. Intended for use by smaller organisations, such as regional broadcasters or producers, it works with hundreds of different formats and integrates with popular non-linear editors. Crucially, it is said to require no deep technical knowledge for operation. But while some may scoff, we think Sony has been pretty clever. Niall Duffy, the head of IT and workflow solutions, said on its release: “Based on our research and the customer insight we have received, we know that companies of this size are often managing their media back-up on portable hard drives and using Excel as their database. This often results in displaced or lost files. Content is your most valuable asset, and now Sony is offering a truly affordable and reliable solution, that adapts to the way you work, to keep your assets safe and secure.” We’ve probably all been into production companies that fit that description. Hard drives are tangible. You know where you are with a hard drive. Much like you did with a tape. That is why they are still popular. But, at the same time, with both content and the exploitation of an archive having huge financial value, managing and maintaining those assets is just as crucial. So there is a huge untapped market out there where one, maybe two, people within the organisation are tech-savvy and the rest are creative or business – yet they all need to access the assets via a management system. This isn’t a MAM for dummies. No one here is dumb. They’re just busy doing other things and an asset management system should be simple enough to allow them to do that, without needing the techies and the engineers to get involved. In truth, it’s pretty smart really. And, for those readers that like to pinpoint trends, it is worth noting that the launch of Media Navigator is just one of several MAM-related product announcements this month that reference ‘non-technical users’. MAM The XStream range will be the main focus for Editshare at tand . but new developments in remote workfl ows and multisite s nc tools will also be made available for VIP guests. The latest additions to the XStream product line, the XStream EFS and XStream ST, will be on show to all. The EFS is a scale- out system that offers an open storage platform with collaboration features like project sharing with multiple levels of redundancy and scalability. The XStream ST is another shared storage platform, this time with an integrated MAM and archive tools designed for small production facilities, studios and stations. EditShare will have a Whisper Suite at IBC where specially invited customers will be able to get sneak peeks and offer feedback on EditShare’s future developments in remote workfl ows and multisite s nc tools. “ The only surprise is that they didn’t think of it sooner. edial will showcase its edial volution s stem or the fi rst time in urope at tand . . volution provides broadcasters and content owners with tools or multi site enterprise and business process workfl ow. ccording to edial it signifi cantl e tends unctionalit b providing new services to sur e plore archives and improve integration between archive and workfl ow engines. sther esas edial s chie sales and marketing o fi cer said he MAM of today needs to be so much more than the simple library and associated task menu of yesterday, and that perfect Media management requires e ceptionall well integrated architecture. ew eatures include an improved an e tended earch nde ing ngine and a true object relational database. 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015