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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT Virtual Reality On-screen graphics ChyronHego has forged a partnership with Hybrid, the maker of virtual reality and robotics systems, that will result in the development of new products based on Hybrid’s line of advanced tracking and trackless virtual studio and robotic camera head technologies. Through the partnership, ChyronHego will serve as an OEM for Hybrid’s technologies but retain the Hybrid branding and positioning or the eon trackless and r pton tracking virtual sets. h ron ego will also act as the primary sales and marketing organization for the Hybrid products, and Hybrid will work closely with ChyronHego to continue developing the products in alignment with ChyronHego’s overall strategy for virtual and augmented reality solutions. o ports etherlands is using a customised ticker from Realit heck stems R on its new daily highlights show o ports andaag. s part of a four-year deal with R the s stem provides a customizable reverse L-Bar graphic that the network’s editorial team can edit and populate with real-time player, team and match stats. The technology will also be used at half-time, pre-match and post- match during studio coverage o live sporting events including matches rom the redivisie ootball league the top league in olland. Social media la o echnolog has chosen tand . as the launch venue for the full production version of ocial edia o . vailable b itsel or combined with the itle o channel branding s stem ocial edia o allows comments from multiple web sites or social networking feeds to be processed uickl and e fi cientl into a single ready-for-broadcast stream. ata can be combined into an R feed and forwarded downstream to other devices or sent to a character generator such as itle o or viewing as part of the programme output. ocial edia o is controlled using a standard web browser. Live to VOD anish broadcaster R used imond ighlights live to conversion technology during coverage of the country’s general election, it has been revealed. lthough imond ighlights is used dail b R or entertainment and news offering, the time-pressured intensive coverage of major elections is said to have showcased the contribution Vimond Highlights makes to rapid workfl ow in online clip publishing. “It is at times of continuous unfolding events that it becomes particularly important to get clips out to the audience within minutes of the action,” said lenn edersen chie technolog o fi cer at imond. imond ighlights offers both rapid short-form clip production and distribution to social media, and includes recording and editing tools. www.pla bo .tv Broadcast graphics i el ower is providing a larit graphics system and creative design services for IBC TV. The Clarity will be used to create and playout graphics templates used or ews while the i el ower reative ervices team has worked in collaboration with IBC TV to create on-air designs as well as the new look o the n o hannel the digital signage network. is a hour live streamed service, produced on site, covering activity at the trade show. www.pi 20 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015