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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Cinema cameras Remote controlled cameras Blackmagic Design has made the optical fibre connection on its Blackmagic Studio Camera models a user-installed option. The move has allowed the company to reduce the retail price o the camera to or the model and for Ultra HD version. The reductions are worth and respectivel . Blackmagic said: “Based on user feedback, man customers are not using the optical fibre connection and had asked if a model without this premium and costly option could be released. With the optical fibre now e cluded rom the camera the camera can be sold for a lower price. This suits the many customers who simply want to use the camera via its regular connections. brand new radio controlled camera R inter ace board is among the highlights for Bradley Engineering at IBC tand . . he R inter ace works with radle s remote control panel to add professional broadcast quality camera control to cameras mounted on drones. Sold as a PCB, it can control all of the camera parameters, including pan tilt, zoom, colour balance, focus and iris. The board supports Sony, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, Panasonic and rass alle cameras as well as an camera and Bradley’s own camera range. A live demo at IBC will show the camera moving in three dimensions on a wire system from DynamiCam. RF Cobham will use IBC to launch an ultra-small software- defined camera back transceiver device that can work as an IP encoder, a front-end recorder and a COFDM transmitter. RF cameras resteigne roadcast ire has launched a packaged R camera system, the SC100. Aimed particularly at sports coverage the o ering includes a mount to fit a teadicam rig two wa low latenc R circuits and the abilit to colour match to all popular outside broadcast cameras for transparent intercutting with any outside broadcast unit. The SC100 package has been designed by Presteigne in response to a need rom isions. he new s stem is being used as the touchline camera on its Premier League football coverage this season. sing R o tware efined Radio the new R has a high densit o connectors that can per orm multiple functions and a software layer that can run a wide range of apps. Cobham head of broadcast sales elport said he R is one o perhaps the most power ul and fle ible device we have ever launched. I know it’s a cliche, but we honestly believe this little beaut is a game changer. he device has o integrated video storage and supports dual SDI inputs as well as USB and Ethernet I/O interfaces. when audio matters natural sound – in the home Hall 10.A49 junger_kitplus_185x74.indd 2 10 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 28.07.15 18:04