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Kit Plus 91x133.qxp_Layout 1 17/07/2015 10:16 Page 4 CALL NOW FOR NEW 2015 KIT PRICING The drive for miniaturisation There’s another, more ingenious solution. Rather than providing a continuous track, an alternative approach employs an extending rail system which keeps the overall length of the unit to a minimum. The tracking mechanism (with adjustable resistance) allows the actual rails of the slider to move thanks to a belt pulley system. Its action is still very silky and delivers smooth tracking shots whether standing on its retractable feet or mounted to a tripod. This solution has been adopted by a number of manufacturers and has other advantages. For forward movements using a wide angle lens for example, users of full length sliders run the risk of shooting the rails at the bottom of the picture. With the extending slider design, this classic shot where the camera physically moves towards the subject as the lens zooms out is now within reach of every operator, with or without a Hollywood budget. Be proud of your sound Wireless Microphones Wireless IEM RF over Fibre Wireless microphones and IEM with the widest tuning range in the industry wireless sound solutions visit: email: call: 01789 777040 Packed down to a mere 39cm, Acebil’s new S15 + PLUS slider is a great example and has been critically acclaimed by reviewers and was very well received on the Kit Plus Tour. Less than half the length of competitive systems, it’s easy to pack into a carry bag or backpack. Its 1.8kg weight is less than half that of traditional designs so it’s even suitable for use in travel kits. Despite this miniaturisation, the S15 still achieves 53cm travel (sliding motion) and an 8kg load capacity. For more details, please visit KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 104 AUGUST 2015 | 65