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STUDIO and audio from the studio, and connecting the rack output directly to the transmission encoder, in order for the whole system to become fully operational. As the functionality is designed to be controlled from multiple instances of a user- confi gurable interface, it was straightforward to set up the gallery workstations, along with other PCs in the newsroom, to meet the team’s operational requirements. And the remote access capabilities built into the system meant that we could continue to monitor, maintain and reconfi gure the functionality even after we had left the site. There are many benefi ts from adopting a single technical solution, including having a single point of technical support and removing any of the issues normally associated with interfacing between equipment from different manufacturers. But the main advantage comes from the fully- integrated workfl ow, which makes operation of the system very effi cient and effective. In this case, the single shared Store means that media never has to be moved in order to be used for different purposes, the support for a wide range of formats means that clips don’t need to be transcoded before use and the fact that transmission originates from a local server means that content doesn’t have to be uploaded before being transmitted. It is also signifi cant that the newsroom and transmission functionality are controlled via the same software, as it makes it extremely quick and simple for users to share content between both live and automated playback. Whilst the approach of using a pre-confi gured rack made the physical site installation extremely quick, it was also crucial to have this very fast and fl exible workfl ow available otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to train the team within the time available nor to sustain the continuous on-air operation required after the launch. With the system delivered on Thursday afternoon, and having completed installation and testing on the Friday, the fi rst studio pre-record took place on Saturday morning. Rehearsals continued during Saturday afternoon and Sunday, along with fi nal confi guration changes. The fi rst live news programme went out successfully, and on schedule, on the evening of 31st May and the station has been on-air ever since – thus proving that it is possible, if not perhaps recommended, to get a new station live within just three days. Dan Cass, That’s TV’s Chief Executive, was happy with the result. “We are very pleased that we chose the fully- integrated aQ Broadcast system for That’s Manchester” he said. ”aQ provides us with the integrated scripting, production and automation functionality that we require to deliver our substantial mix of live and original programming for Greater Manchester. The system is intelligent, robust and intuitive”. Cass added “we’ve also been really pleased with the support from the team and their openness to adding specifi c features to meet our own particular requests." aQ is currently in the process of building a similar system for another channel. ‘That’s Lancashire’, to be based in Preston, is expected to launch later this summer, although we are all hoping to be on-site slightly earlier this time! 52 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 104 AUGUST 2015