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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Lighting Datavision has launched three new LEDGO lights that feature an array of focusing and dimming controls and very high calibre output. The D600, D1200 and DMX-controlled D1200M LED fresnel lights are robustly constructed, run cool and silent, and feature 0-100 flicker-free dimming and angle beam control from 10-70 degrees. “The level of control fresnels offer has long been cherished by lighting directors,” said Allan Leonhardsen, the sales director of European distributor Holdan. “Datavision’s new range will make them a viable option for every studio. Even the D1200M at the top of the range costs less than $1000. We think this is a very big deal.” Ianiro is bringing to market a tablet computer- sized portable LED light panel. The Apurture Amaran HR672C weighs less than an Apple iPad 4 and consists of 672 embedded LEDs. It has a 4636.8 lumen brightness (equivalent to a 400w tungsten light) and a CRI score of 95. “For its size and price, the Amaran packs a huge number of features and delivers very bright and very accurate light,” said Nick Allen-Miles, managing director of European distributor, Ianiro International. “There are very few compromises: the light is flicker-free, runs cool and silent, and even comes supplied with a remote control, batteries and integrated charger.” The HR672C is 32mm thick, which is approximately 33% thinner than common LED video lights. Remote video acquisition Making its IBC debut this year will be the LIVE+ EnGo from Dejero (Stand 11.C51), a compact camera-mounted or wearable transmitter that encodes H.264 video and transmits it over multiple IP networks. It uses mobile, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and portable satellite connectivity for live broadcasts from various scenerios including moving vehicles. LIVE+ EnGo is intended for newsgathering, sports coverage and any type of remote live-event broadcasting. Its modular design enables the attachment of swappable wireless modules to customize LIVE+ EnGo to the locally available wireless network infrastructure, and for use around the world. BROADCAST FIBRE OPTIC SOLUTIONS OB and Field Deployable Applications Caddie-LB 4K BlueLite BC364 Wavelength Mapping ShaxX Power Insertion BN366 4K Fibre Links Infrastructure BC365 12G-SDI BC860/862 Gigabit links Stand 10.F24 A complete range of modular field proven interfaces. From compact stand alone units to complete optical networks. Broadcast Specialists 12 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 104 AUGUST 2015