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EQUIPMENT CAMERAS, EDITING £900 Canon » FDJ-H01 - CONDITION Used ITEM ID 158276 SELLER Finepoint Sales CONTACT 01737 370033 Focus Demand » Focus control for box lenses £1480 Fujinon » SS-13D Kit CONDITION Used SELLER Finepoint Sales ITEM ID 153845 CONTACT 01737 370033 Zoom and Focus demand for Fujinon lens » SS-13D consisting of ERD-10A-D01 Zoom Demand with clamp EPD-4A-E02 focus control with clamp £4500 Sony » HDFX-100 HDTX-100 - CONDITION Finepoint Sales CONTACT CODEX » CDX-3010 153826 SELLER £6000.00 Used ITEM ID 01737 370033 Pair of Fibre to Triax converters » CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO ITEM ID 163122 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 Onboard M Recording Kit » 1 x CODEX Onboard M Recording Kit including:1 x CDX-3010 Onboard M Recorder1 x Onboard Control Panel1 x CDX-P053 Recorder Handle1 x Control Panel Fixing Plate3 x 4”” Handle Extension1 x 6-6pin Panel Control Cable Long1 x 5p LEMO - 3p RS Power Cable1 x Dual Mini BNC Loom1 x 4p XLR - 5p LEMO Battery Power Cable3 x CDX-P300 £890 £1500 Fujinon » ERD-22/EPD-2B Sony » HDVF-20A CONDITION Used SELLER Finepoint Sales CONDITION Used SELLER Digibroadcast ITEM ID 153846 CONTACT 01737 370033 ITEM ID 164233 CONTACT +44 02083971407 Zoom and Focus demands » Kit of Fujinon Zoom and Focus demands for HA lens consisting ofERD-22 with clamp EPD-2B with clamp 3x Used Sony HDVF-20A Viewfinders available » 3x Used Sony HDVF-20A Viewfinders availableCondition: GoodComes with 3 months warrantyemail: aivis@digibroadcast.comtel: +44 (0) 208 397 1407 £4500 Fujinon » Focus and Zoom Demands - CONDITION Used ITEM ID 164231 SELLER Digibroadcast CONTACT +44 02083971407 Used Fujinon package of focus and zoom demands » Included:Fujinon ESB-6A-E12 Servo Zoom Demand Shot Box with MCA- 6B Mounting ClampFujinon EPD-4A-E02 Digital Servo Focus DemandFujinon ERD-10A-D01 Digital Zoom Rate Demand with MCA-6A Mounting ClampFujinon EPD-2C & FSP-13G Focus Kit with MCA-7 Mounting ClampCanon ZDJ-A01 Zoom £1000 Sony » RCP-750 CONDITION Used SELLER ES Broadcast ITEM ID 142822 CONTACT 01923 650 080 Remote Control Panels/Good Condition » All in very good condition.Available immediately.Please contact us for further information