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While storage costs are always shrinking and capacities are always growing, expensive storage is still… expensive. The real solution is to use the right tool for the job. For example, a content-intensive reality show might use some amount of “online” storage to service multiple edit rooms, but quite likely will also have several times that amount of “nearline” storage, which can be accessed instantly, but is not designed to service multiple edit rooms simultaneously. Content that is deemed necessary for edit can intelligently be migrated to the expensive storage only for as long as needed and then safely purged when no longer required. There is one thing that too often seems to get forgotten in the rush away from videotape — archive. In the old days, productions were captured on videotape. This served as a ready-made archive format. Videotape was a tangible medium that could be placed on a shelf and likely forgotten without much concern. Spinning disks are a wonderful transport mechanism, but one day that hard drive on your shelf will no longer spin up when you plug it in. Whether you choose cloud-based archive, assuming you have the necessary bandwidth to store and retrieve your content in a timely manner, or a non- volatile option like LTO, the point here is – archive! MAM systems make this easy. THE NEXT BIG THING? Perhaps the biggest challenge for MAM vendors is to build an infrastructure that isn’t dependent on any one thing. It is impossible to know what the “next big thing” will be. Instead, MAM software should provide an interface for content creators to take advantage of whatever the “next big thing” turns out to be. At Pronology, we took a very purposeful approach to build a solution that is format, hardware and resolution agnostic. We understand that we cannot predict what technological marvel is around the corner, but the basic need for humans to communicate will not change, and therefore we are focused on ensuring that our system manages and organizes all of the content required for today’s production needs. UNTIE YOUR TALENT How can you demonstrate your creativity if your equipment holds you back? The new CW-F25 Wireless HD Video System from IDX frees you from the restrictions of cable and provides the flexibility you need to get the best shots back to base. Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) automatically chooses the best available channel and Beam-forming technology maintains directional signal integrity. This unique combination means that no other wireless system using WiFi channels delivers greater reliability. And because it releases camera operators from more expensive systems using licensed channels or cables, it’s cost-effective too. You also get return video, talkback, tally and camera control and an Ethernet bridge over the wireless link. To find out more or arrange a demonstration go to Reliability and safety first