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This style of advertising is not limited to Google. Yahoo, Bing, Linkedin and Facebook all offer similar types of advertising opportunities. (YouTube is owned by Google, and it also offers advertising like PPC.) You could create a free report called, “10 things every bride needs to know about choosing a wedding filmmaker and how to avoid the wedding video cowboys”, and then run these on Facebook, targeting newly engaged women. Facebook Customers who you’ve had to ’pay for’ generally result in a higher quality prospects than relying on SEO or other free traffic sources. I’m not saying you don’t want people opting in organically, but higher quality prospects tend to come from paid traffic. The other really interesting aspect of paid traffic is that once you test and measure, it’s not uncommon to see a 300% or 400% return on investment. Once you get the system working it becomes a licence to print money because if you spend £10 on acquiring a customer and that customer spends £40 then you’re making a £30 profit for every £10 spent. Facebook advertising is quickly becoming the new gold rush of cheap marketing. What makes Facebook advertising so powerful is the amount of data that Facebook has about all of its members. If you work in the wedding business, for example, then you need to be advertising on Facebook because the first thing a bride does when she gets engaged is change her status on Facebook, and it’s quite likely she will begin posting all of the details of her impending nuptials. As an advertiser, you can directly target women who are getting married within a six-month, 12 month or 18 month time frame, and you can produce adverts exclusively to that market. To read more you can download a free chapter of Den’s book at KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 103 JULY 2015 | 37