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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR “ Visitors to the KitPlus Tour may have noticed the interest being generated by axle Cam, a new file management and ingest tool from Axle Video. If you didn’t, this seems like a good place to ‘have a look at what you could have won,’ if you’ll excuse the 1980s quizshow throwback. Following hot on the heals of its various MAM tools, axle Cam is described unashamedly by the company’s chief executive as “the missing link between the camera and the computer.” Sam Bogoch goes on to describes it thus: “It eliminates the countless hours video professionals now spend in processing and organizing camera files before they can be used by others.” The software automatically detects, imports and organizes camera media. During ingest, camera files are rewrapped, and low resolution H.264 proxy versions of camera media are created for use in editorial and review. The application also features a suite of built-in media management tools including an interface for displaying media in browsers or mobile devices, a search function for technical and other metadata, and a dashboard grid layout for designating sources and selecting actions. Essentially it cleans up incoming files, makes proxies, grabs metadata and then displays the files in a browser or mobile interface. It is cheap too, at less than $1000 for two licenses. To start with it supports DSLRs and HD cameras made by Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, Nikon and GoPro. “ The reaction on the tour was certainly positive. It feels like a disruptive product, which in this part of the market can only be a good thing. And when modules arrive that allow it to work with high-end digital cinema cameras too we can expect further commotion. News systems Fibre Bluebell Opticom has enlisted MNC Software to create a monitoring system for its fi bre transport products. Based on MNC’s Mosaic network management software platform, the new monitoring system will support Bluebell’s BC363 and BC364 multiformat interface cards that link cameras and CCUs over long distances: a situation in which a quick visual check would help to confi rm signal integrity and diagnose any issues. Paul McCann, managing director of Bluebell Opticom said: “We offer a card that works within our frames to provide monitoring and basic alarms to a network management system, and people can access the information through the Web. But often customers want to get system information in a visual format through a GUI that sits on an operator or engineer’s PC, and they want to be able to drill down for more detail. That’s what this engagement with MNC Software will allow us to offer.” 18 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 103 JULY 2015 Imagine Communications has installed a full newsroom system, built around its Nexio NewsForce platform, at the Thai News Network (TNN), part of the True Corporation. TNN provides 24-hour rolling news coverage in the Thai language both in Thailand and to international markets. Facilitated by local distributor BEC and systems integrator Advanced Broadcast Corporation, the upgrade included central storage for ingest, asset management and playout on a Nexio Farad online storage network with mirroring for content security. The project also involved the addition of Velocity editors to work alongside existing Final Cut Pro edit suites. The workfl ow includes MOS playlist management. Dialogue and audio analysis North Carolina’s WRAL is using Nexidia Dialogue Search to search its recently digitized archive of more than 26,000 videotapes. Using the system, nearly 40-years worth of content can be located based on any spoken word or phrase. “We digitized our whole archive but many of those assets lack suffi cient metadata to enable an effective search, and without it, individual clips or even entire assets would be so hard to fi nd that they might as well be lost forever,” said Peter Sockett, director of engineering and operations at WRAL. “Nexidia Dialogue Search gives us back our archive. It’s as simple as that. Now we’ll actually be able to repurpose those assets easily.”