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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Cameras Wireless camera systems AJA Video Systems has dropped the price of the CION production camera by nearly 50% just six months after it started shipping. As part of a new “Summer of Savings” promotion, the CION production camera is now available for $4995 US (€4572/£3241), a reduction of $4000. “CION already offers so much in terms of cinematic image quality, functionality, workfl ow fl exibility, and with this new lower price we’re completely removing the barrier to entry for so many in the indie and commercial fi lmmaking market,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. Any customers who purchased the CION production camera before May 26, 2015 will receive two AJA Pak 512 SSDs for free, directly from AJA. IDX has launched the CW-F25, a wireless HD video system for on-air video contribution that transmits H.264 high profi le video at up to 25Mbps. The system uses Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) - which automatically choose the best available WiFi channel - to maintain the resilience of the link. Beamforming Technology is also used between the transmitter and receiver, limiting interference from other users while Adaptive Variable Bit Rate prevents sudden ‘black screen’ disconnection. Steadicam Tiffen International has delivered the fi rst unit of its new Steadicam M-1 rig. It was purchased by German Steadicam operator Max Zaher, who said: “I’ve worked for two years with the Steadicam rig of my mentor, Klemens Becker, and also rental rigs, but I’ve now decided to buy my own rig. Having worked with many different sleds, arms and vests, I knew what I was looking for. Light, easy to build and quick to confi gure or change mode. It should be modular so I could exchange parts myself on the road if it became necessary. I wanted it to be tool free and have many types of connectors for add-ons. The M-1 felt very good right away and was by far the best combination of the things I needed.” 08 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015