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REVIEW Peli 1095 Reviewed A ny owner of a laptop, or in my case a Mac Book Pro, leading a busy life needs to look at how their machine will be safety transported from one location to another. Working from multiple locations, attending events and client sites all mean that machines have a tough life and although fi les are more often than not backed up on a cloud somewhere, the inconvenience of damaged kit is huge. Having used Peli cases on numerous occasions and needing a solution for a forthcoming NAB trip I got hold of the Peli 1095 Hardback case designed for most laptop sized machines and part of their Hardback range. Once the pick and pluck foam provided was shaped the internal dimensions gave a good fi t for the Mac, not too tight to be a hassle to get it out but tight enough to not bump around. There isn’t room for many accessories so power units need to be carried separately although small items such as memory cards and USB drives do fi t in as well. The overall size fi ts very well inside a small hand luggage size suitcase and so ideal for air travel especially now as some airlines allow a “hand bag” extra bag as carry on luggage. The case is fastened by a single polymer latch which seems secure enough, it does require a positive click shut which on one occasion I didn’t do, picked up the case and guess what! Operator error though and although a secondary catch (I’m thinking GoPro casing) might be a good idea I think it would be more of a nuisance so just a case of ensuring it is correctly closed and you hear the reassuring click. The only means of carrying the case is by the attachable should strap. Secure enough and comfortable, I do still fi nd myself wanting to look for a carry handle on occasions which would be nice to have. So after 3 months of use, travelling from Vegas to Cannes and daily commutes the Mac is still in good working order, dust free and dry (even with our somewhat excessive pressure hosing!) so it’s business as usual. Expect to pay around £100 for the case and you can select either foam (pick and pluck as tested) or the CC version where the case is fi tted with a molded shock absorbing liner. If you’re looking to protect your tech then do check it out or enter our competition to win one! Find out more 62 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015 WIN To win a 1095 case (or other case from the hardback case range) then just answer this question: “What channel 5 show featured the 1095 case in April last year?” Email your answer to