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every meeting we had with them left us feeling welcome and valued as collaborators. I think even they felt relieved that the demands of the shoots were within the grasp and capability of the staff and students. The latter statement is a significant one, and an equivalent analogy would be an amateur musician performing comfortably in their bedroom who suddenly gets to appear live on stage in front of an audience. This was the challenge laid out; to select students for the event and then effectively cut the umbilical cord. All we could do was hope that the learning and experience we’ve endeavoured to provide was good enough to stand up to broadcast standards. So how did it go really? To be honest like clockwork. Students were picked up by a series of taxi’s organised by Meridian to take them to the various counts. From our point of view (and I’m sure theirs) this was an exciting and significant moment - the journey was beginning. Then came the period of waiting for the students to reach their destination and for the counting of votes to begin. The staff team had all decided to come in and support the designated workflow required for sending the gathered media back to Meridian. Just a note, its amazing how much work you can achieve in an empty, almost vacated building overnight, and whilst we waited for the returning students and media we were all able to plan for our 8 hour final year outside broadcast scheduled for May 29th. So I am pleased that the course team of Television and Broadcasting were able to provide that moment of real learning to 16 students who I’ll assume will have changed overnight because of the experience. For us it was the equivalent of sending students to the moon, with the staff in the control centre, able to help over the phone, but aside from that, unable to help if things were going terribly wrong. Challenge accepted, mission complete, splashdown! KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015 | 61